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Engage Hub expands LATAM presence with appointment of Gabriel Lobitsky as SVP Sales

October 11, 2018

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Engage Hub and Bank of Ireland shortlisted for Best Use of Technology award

September 20, 2018

Digital transformation of the customer experience: How to measure ROI

In order to drive customer satisfaction, organisations need to successfully embrace digital transformation – and success boils down to defining measurable goals and then rolling out the technologies, skills and processes needed to achieve them.

What does the customer want?

Customers have adopted this digital change. They are the expert end-users of the digital technology that has transformed our relationship with them. They expect brands to develop smart shopping apps and intelligent customer service, and they have developed their digital skills accordingly. Customer service is no longer defined by how quickly you can respond and resolve complaints, it is how positively customers perceive their interactions with your company – regardless of the communication channels.

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Engage Hub appoints Karen Waters as Product Director to lead next stage of digital CX innovation

July 3, 2018

Transforming the market: How technology is creating opportunities for MVNOs periodically invites expert third parties to share their views on the industry’s most pressing issues. In this piece Freelance Technology Journalist Kate O’Flaherty explores how technologies are creating opportunities for Mobile Virtual Network Operators. AI customer service, 5G and virtualisation are among the key technologies helping to transform the MVNO market

Why your business needs chatbots to improve customer experience

How can a chatbot improve your customers’ experience? And, if you are going to make an investment, what steps should you take to ensure implementation runs smoothly? Here, Chris Crombie finds out.

A new age of personalised customer experience

The implementation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is just around the corner, and it is about to usher in an age of improved customer experiences.

Why Push Notifications Improve Customer Experiences

Increasingly demanding consumers are redefining the standards for online and mobile banking. Digital savvy customers now use mobile apps on a daily basis to assist with both their routine banking and with longer-term savings, investments and financial planning.

Personalising the customer experience in the midst of GDPR

When considering the imminent implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it is understandable that many organisations may see the application of stringent privacy laws and the ability to personalise the customer experience as opposing ideals. But with the deadline just a month away, it’s time to have a swift rethink.

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Engage Hub enhances customer engagement platform with AI-powered chatbots

March 5, 2018

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Engage Hub expands APAC presence with appointment of Felix Wong as VP Sales

March 1, 2018

GDPR – an opportunity for disruption?

We’ve all heard much moaning and groaning around the upcoming GDPR. The work! The fines! The cost! But with just three months to go until the much-maligned new rules become a reality, we wanted to paint a more positive picture, with some success stories of those making GDPR work for them and, dare we say, even using it as a chance for disruption.

How Gordon’s used location-based targeting for selling G&T to 20,000 delayed commuters

How Gordon’s used location-based targeting for selling G&T to 20,000 delayed commuters.

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Engage Hub to roll Interactive Voice Response system out across 600 strong Sainsbury’s superstore network

January 17, 2018

Guest Blog: The View from India: Post-Brexit Business in the UK

A couple of weeks ago, I travelled out to New Delhi, India as part of a trade delegation visiting the India-UK Tech Summit, along with Prime Minister Theresa May, and the great and the good of the UK’s tech industry

Seven stats that shook the world of customer management in 2017

Every year, customer-centric professionals are bombarded with research and studies.

So we’ve compiled a list of some of the statistics that have been of most interest to us and our audience over the last 12 months. Some make for interesting reading. While others are very concerning!

People on the move featuring Fantastic Media, Unilever, Tumblr and more

This week has seen another wave of appointments and departures at brands, media owners and agencies. The Drum has rounded up the key moves from the EMEA, APAC and North America regions below.

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Engage Hub appoints Clive Hannon as COO

November 16, 2017

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New report from Engage Hub highlights customer experience challenges.

November 6, 2017

Beyond Britain: Why every organisation needs to prepare for GDPR

The exponential rise in digital data over the past decade has changed the way the public and organisations of all kinds engage.

Now every bank, local charity, hospital or public authority, each holds personal data about every customer, patient, client or constituent it comes in contact with.

Alexa Stands on the Verge of Transforming Customer Experience

The way consumers interact with brands through their devices is changing in “the age of voice”.

The latest phase affecting the customer experience is voice interaction. Consumers now have the option to interact with a business without even picking up the phone or talking to a real person. In this age, when time is a luxury for consumers, being able to interact with a business as quickly as possible is the most appealing thing for a customer.

How will Amazon’s Alexa change customer relationships?

Amazon’s AI-driven personal assistant, Alexa is becoming a more familiar part of many households, with more than 11 million devices sold across the US, UK and German markets before January 2017.

The Value of Data: It’s Not All Doom & Gloom on the High Street

It’s been a difficult 2017 so far for the retail sector: Jaeger collapsed into administration, Rue 21 closed stores, and Debenhams is closing stores to focus on a more digital approach. Many retailers are failing to meet consumer expectations by realigning their approach to a more digitally focused marketing strategy that ensures the retention and growth of their customer base. Digital has revolutionised where and how we can connect with our consumers.

It’s big, but it’s not clever – email overkill: retailers should stop the spam

It’s official – poorly targeted and overly frequent digital communications from retailers are turning consumers off. Statistics show a staggering amount of people unsubscribe or simply ignore messages that are so often littering their inboxes, the recipients deciding they are email overkill . . . spam. What’s to be done?

Pushing at an Open Door

When our attention span can be as short as eight seconds, capturing consumers’ attention is no easy feat. It doesn’t help that in the world of marketing communications, campaigns have traditionally centred on product news whereby a new product is introduced, or an existing product is updated, with the hope that customers will start purchasing it.

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Engage Hub and Another Number App Enables Busy Professionals to Take Control of Work Calls

March 22, 2017

10 spellbinding digital marketing stats from this week

We can’t promise it’ll be too cheerful, but hey, the sun’s been out this week. You can’t have it all.

The roundup includes news about ad fraud, online delivery, and digital ads. For even more, head on over to the trusty Internet Statistics Compendium.

Lack of communication main reason why consumers miss scheduled deliveries

A lack of communication from delivery companies is the main reason UK consumers miss scheduled deliveries, with nearly one in four British consumers (23%) saying poor communication has caused them to miss a delivery in the past 12 months, according to new research from Engage Hub.

Why Proximity Beacon Marketing Won’t Survive 2017

Consumers have the apps they need and are not looking to add to their collections. Xavier discusses why consumers may block beacon marketing from mass adoption.

Poor communication from delivery companies causes nearly a quarter of missed deliveries

Research commissioned by Engage Hub, the data-driven customer engagement solutions company, reveals that a lack of communication from delivery companies is the main reason UK consumers miss scheduled deliveries, with nearly one in four British consumers (23 per cent) saying poor communication has caused them to miss a delivery in the past 12 months.

Mobile Banking Is More Than Just An App

How often do you visit your bank branch? I’m going to guess it’s a lot less frequently than you used to, say, five years ago. And you wouldn’t be alone – figures show that daily visits to branches have fallen by 32% since 2011 and the number of times people visit a branch is set to almost halve by 2020 as more people favour their smartphones to manage their finances.

Customer engagement – are beacons really worth the hype?

Despite all the buzz around beacon technology as the new and exciting frontier of customer engagement, are marketing messages and promotions sent as part of a pre-existing transactional conversation still more effective and less intrusive?

Why communication is key to surviving the digital banking revolution?

With significant regulatory changes coming into force over the next couple of years, it is clear that key governing bodies want to intensify competition in the financial services industry. The Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2), for example, will completely change banking as we know it.

Opinion: Delivering the best customer experience in the festive frenzy

Christmas is a time to shine and be remembered by customers for efficient, great service so how can retailers ensure they really do deliver, asks Simon Brennan, vice president of sales Europe at Engage Hub.