Cross-channel Orchestration

Communicate with customers at the right time, on the right channel, in a seamless and personalised way – across email, WhatsApp, SMS/MMS, RCS, Voice, Facebook Messenger, push notifications and social channels.

Engage Hub’s platform seamlessly orchestrates communications across all channels and paired with our AI-powered Chatbots, enabling organisations to deliver personalised experiences that meet the unique needs and expectations of customers at the different touchpoints of their journey.

Deliver contextually-relevant communications

Cross-channel Orchestration plays a major role in directly influencing a customer’s engagement. With Engage Hub, you can orchestrate the right message at the right time using our cross-channel marketing solutions. Driven by customer behaviour and engagement, combined with our native CRM capability, our channel orchestration solutions deliver true personalisation and contextual engagement across each touchpoint.

Not only can you set up automated lifecycle campaigns across multiple channels, but also in response to any real-time triggers – such as fraud alerts, onboarding process, order confirmations and more – at any moment in the customer lifecycle.

Channels we support

Increase campaign effectiveness using RCS

RCS (Rich Communication Messaging) & RBM (RCS Business Messaging) is a two-way messaging channel enabling brands to not only provide rich, high-quality campaigns to their customers but, with features like suggested replies and actions provide an amazing channel for support through Chatbots. Unlike SMS, RCS and RBM let you truly personalise your communications.

Engage Hub’s RCS and RBM give you an easy way to deliver engaging, rich messaging to a broad audience – providing new opportunities to nurture customer relationships and boost campaign ROI.

Deliver branded conversations via WhatsApp

With Engage Hub, it’s easy to integrate WhatsApp into your business communication strategy, giving you a simple way to have personalised conversations with customers.

Engage Hub gives you the WhatsApp capabilities and analytics you need to offer a flexible and tailored customer experience. Integrate our AI-powered chatbot to offer automated customer support. And you can send branded rich communications – from service alerts and delivery updates through to marketing offers and fraud checks, helping reinforce your brand and boost campaign effectiveness.

Maximise customer contact using our waterfall service

Our unique waterfall technology helps organisations to increase campaign effectiveness and Customer Journey Tracker brings it all together for campaign insights and optimisations. Working across all channels – SMS, email, WhatsApp, and more – you can ensure the highest rate of contact on the customers desired channel, based on their preferences and previous interaction. The service allows you to automatically select the most appropriate communication channel then, it automatically moves through other available channels until a successful contact has been made.

With channel orchestration, you are in a strong position to deliver hyper-personalised communications and drive marketing campaigns effectiveness.

What is Channel Orchestration?

By definition, channel orchestration is about creating a seamless experience that effectively integrates multiple channels, both traditional and digital, to balance customer expectations and business needs.

What is the difference between marketing orchestration and automation?

Orchestration is more complex than automation. Automation entails the completion of a single process or task based on a manually pre-defined criterion.