Contact Centre Automation

Provide solutions before, during and after interactions to optimise your call centre and drive significant cost savings. Increase operational efficiency through call deflection while simultaneously improving the customer experience.

Engage Hub’s call centre optimisation suite enables agents to spend less time on low-value interactions – saving their time and expertise for interactions of high value, for both your business and the customer.

Deflect calls to reduce costs

Our Conversational AI brings the power of our native AI-powered Natural Language Processing (NLP) and speech recognition engine to capture, interpret and understand intent, so callers can speak naturally in their own words. This gives the customer the ability to resolve their issue before ever speaking to an agent – resulting in faster resolution time (for customer) and significant cost savings (for your business).

Other call centre optimisation capabilities include traditional and dynamic IVR, automated payments and call-recording, enabling us to deliver call deflection solutions that meet your as well as your customers’ needs. These solutions seamlessly integrate and complement your existing call centre infrastructure, without any costly changes or development.

Digitalise first-line support

Our Cross-channel Chatbot can help with the most common and most easily-solved problems but also handle more complex decision trees. Guiding the customer through support more effectively than FAQs or troubleshooting documents, it resolves queries based on the customers’ responses in real-time. By automating first-line support, you enable customers to resolve issues through digital channels in the first instance, while driving cost efficiencies, cutting call centre waiting times and freeing agents to deal with more complex, added-value queries – all of which makes for an overall better, more profitable customer experience.

Enable agents to offer efficient support

Engage Hub’s Agent is a dedicated area of the Engage Hub platform that empowers agents to efficiently manage live conversations handed off from first-line digital channels. It allows call centre agents to access and update relevant customer data during a call in real-time. Its simple, configurable interface enables agents to log call outcomes, view customer contact history and manage consent preferences. With Engage Hub Agent, you can also gain insights into your customer’s satisfaction levels using post-call, personalised surveys for continuous improvement. The feature is also fully PCI-compliant, enabling agents to support vulnerable customers and to take IVR credit card payments in a secure way.

Gain valuable insights to customer behaviour

Customer Journey Tracker gives your business the insight into your customers’ interactions, allowing you to optimise and improve their customer experience. It unifies data from multiple sources and existing systems, creating a single view that provides an invaluable understanding to your customers behaviour. That way, you’re free from information silos – and gain an accurate, holistic view of interactions across the entire customer journey. Easily configurable, it shows end-to-end journeys through a particular call centre optimisation process, enabling you to track that your desired KPIs are being met. Overlaid with our Conversational AI, it records every interaction, enabling organisations to analyse and understand common issues in order to build an effective call deflection strategy.

Deflect calls to improve customer service while reducing costs and boosting operational efficiency.

Let’s look at the features and benefits of Call Centre Optimisation.

Seamless integrations

Our call centre solutions suite is designed to complement your existing infrastructure, integrating seamlessly with your existing systems such as Genesys, Avaya, Cisco, BT and more.


The call centre capabilities offer time based routing, priority and intelligent queueing, queue callback, call connect, call whispering and anonymous calling.


Use predictive call handling that expedites resolution by anticipating caller intent, delivering personalised menus, offering channels as an alternative to queuing, and/or routing people to the right destination much faster.

"With Engage Hub's help, we've significantly reduced call centre operating costs while simultaneously boosting customer satisfaction ratings. The future-proof solution is ensuring that we continue to give our customers the best possible experience."

Head of Call Centre Operations

Health and Beauty Retailer

“Engage Hub’s AI-powered Cross-Channel Contact Automation solution has enabled over 30% of customers to self-serve their enquiry, subsequently allowing the agent to focus on more complex queries and vulnerable customers.”

Head of Call Centre

Top UK Retailer

"We would be unlikely to find another partner as flexible as Engage Hub. We would recommend them to other clients because of their collaborative approach of working in partnership with us rather than just as a supplier."

Alex Karolemeas IT Director

The Contact Company