Mobile Network Operators & Telecommunications

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are struggling to grow revenue against the backdrop of steep competition and saturated markets. Digital trends are exposing new opportunities to add value and grow their relevance in the digital environment.

Engage Hub delivers new revenue streams with enterprise solutions that drive your corporate sales strategy as well as increases ARPU and reduces churn with intelligent automated base communication programmes.

Capitalise on the customer journey revolution

Our solutions have been successfully exceeding digital transformation and cost reduction targets across all sectors – Financial Services, Retail & Logistics, Energy & Utilities and Public Sector and Government. At Engage Hub, we deliver journey automation and cross-channel engagement solutions for your corporate clients, enabling you to increase client retention and contract value – outside traditional revenue streams with our cloud-based whitelabelled platform.

45% incease in customer engagement
1,000 campaigns to 550 location services
98% incease in mobile advertising revenue

Increase ARPU and customer satisfaction

Engage Hub’s AI-powered platform allows you to create automated base communication programmes across the entire customer lifecycle – from activation to retention – on all channels. Using our Next Best Action module and location-based engine, you can deliver a personalised, one-to-one communications about your products and services to your existing subscribers. Our hyper-personalised, automated lifecycle programmes ensure the balance between reducing costs and churn as well as increasing the spend of both the post and pre-paid base while improving customer experience.

Drive new revenue streams

By leveraging your unique data, such as network location, customer preferences, transactions and behavioural, you can run highly-targeted, automated lifecycle and marketing campaigns – selling tightly segmented data to third-parties at a premium. Highly scalable and working with our consent management solution, our services can be used to drive sales, promotions and vouchers, app downloads, followers on social media and more – all while maintaining compliance. Combined with our core geo-fencing capability, you are empowered to deliver time-sensitive offers and proximity-triggered messages at just the right moment.

A single customer engagement platform for boosting conversion rates and ARPU

Let’s look at the benefits Engage Hub brings you.


Built with data orchestration at its core, our platform integrates and communicates seamlessly with your existing CRM, POS or decisioning systems – such as Pega, SAS, IBM, Microsoft and more – to extract and exchange relevant information to build compelling engagement solutions.


Providing integrated communication channels including SMS, MMS, email, voice, push notifications, RCS – so that engaging at the right time using the right channel is simple and provides a superior customer experience.


Utilise your location-based data for each opted-in subscriber and drive significantly higher response rates with our geo-targeting capability – handling large volume of real-time network events to deliver hyper-targeted communications.


Easily customise our multilingual, whitelabel cloud solution with your branding, bringing the power of our journey orchestration and automation capabilities to your customers.


Reduce churn and drive higher engagement rates using our latest machine learning module – Next Best Action – to ensure customers receive the most relevant offer, personalised for them.

"Engage Hub team and their platform are instrumental in supporting our business-critical and high volume operations on a daily basis. The implementation of new services has been far superior to other providers. They have delivered all requirements seamlessly, on schedule and importantly, within budget."

Ian Flynn Business Product Manager

Three Ireland

"As a result of working with Engage Hub, we have the capability to analyse rich customer information in real-time, enabling us to deliver highly personalised, geo-ad services to our subscribers.”

Renato Ciuchini Head of Strategy and Transformation


"Engage Hub helped us add considerable value to the information that already existed within our subscriber base and put together a set of offerings for brands and agencies that exceeded their mobile marketing expectations. As a direct result of working with Engage Hub we have been able to establish a new business within O2 that promises significant future growth potential"

Managing Director

O2's Commerce Business

"Thanks to Engage Hub, we’re now able to send personalised SMS messages on behalf of our clients and be confident they get read. Our loyalty campaigns are generating a 99% open rate. What makes this channel even more powerful is that the real-time reporting functionality shows that 97.5% of those messages are read within 3 minutes of the campaigns being sent."


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