TelecomUK send SMS campaigns that generate 99% open rates.

TelecomUK is a pioneering start-up, specialising in the delivery of bespoke POS technology for hundreds of retailers and restaurants across the UK. Most recently, TelecomUK has deployed secure wifi connections for its customers so that they can easily manage their simple customer data and social media engagement.

The Challenges

Offering a personal touch

As with many retailers, TelecomUK’s clients faced a huge challenge: bridging the gap between online and anonymised offline commerce. The primary aim was to capture important customer data instore that linked the customer to their online activity, this combined with clever targeting and personalisation would increase sales and enrich the overall customer experience. The strategy was there, they just needed a tool that would securely deliver the messages and ensure the messages were seen.

Creating a mobile friendly experience

With consumers’ continuously looking for retailers to improve their customer experience, TelecomUK understood there was an opportunity for its retail brands such as JOY and Henri Lloyd, to make instore shopping more mobile friendly.  After all, research shows that over 43% of consumers would spend more in mobile friendly stores that offer services like mobile payments, loyalty programmes, reservations, product availability checks, and location-based promotions.

"The biggest challenge facing retailers and hospitality professionals is being able to engage with customers after they’ve left the store or restaurant. We’ve found that the combination of customer data and SMS technology is the quickest and most direct way to reconnect with customers."

Michael Clark Founder


The Solution

A seamless integration

After spending much time researching global customer engagement technology providers, TelecomUK chose Engage Hub to be its partner. While TelecomUK was well versed in developing multi-channel technology, it needed a global provider to facilitate bulk, two-way communications between customer and retailer. TelecomUK’s technology couples seamlessly with the Engage Hub API so that retailers can gather customer data using using TelecomUK’s POS equipment and deliver highly personalised, mobile responsive loyalty campaigns powered by Engage Hub.

An omni-channel solution.

Another factor in the selection of Engage Hub was the fact that they offered an omni-channel solution via; SMS, voice and push notifications. TelecomUK was planning on integrating mobile payments into their system, facilitating omni-channel retail for its clients so choosing a technology partner that had been recognised for delivering innovative omni-channel solutions was an easy decision.

"Thanks to Engage Hub, we’re now able to send personalised SMS messages on behalf of our clients and be confident they get read. Our loyalty campaigns are generating a 99% open rate. What makes this channel even more powerful is that the real-time reporting functionality shows that 97.5% of those messages are read within 3 minutes of the campaigns being sent."

Michael Clark Founder