A seamless customer experience with call centre technology.

Customer service is more important than ever, thanks to social media and review sites being many consumers’ first stop when considering using – or complaining about – a business. That’s why human contact is vital. But can small businesses afford a 24/7 helpline? And should companies with seasonal needs hire and re-hire to match demand? The Contact Company (TCC) is an outsourced customer support service that helps businesses keep their customers happy by manning helplines as and when needed.

The Challenges

A flexible IVR solution. 

TCC’s most pressing need was for a flexible IVR solution. Their clients have expanding and contracting needs to deal with seasonality, special offers, product recalls and the whole spectrum of possibilities consumer-facing businesses encounter. Their IVR system therefore needed to be flexible and a close relationship with the IVR provider is paramount.

Economies of location.  

Outsourcing customer services to other nations is a popular option for many British businesses, but it can be viewed negatively by consumers who can have communication issues and often suspect the service is not secure. But the attraction for businesses isn’t hard to work out – cost. TCC operates in the UK, which means efficiency in areas outside HR, especially with its infrastructure, is at a premium.

"We would be unlikely to find another partner as flexible as Engage Hub. We would recommend them to other clients because of their collaborative approach of working in partnership with us rather than just as a supplier."

Alex Karolemeas IT Director

The Contact Company

The Solution

A one-stop IVR provider.

The Contact Company hired Engage Hub to cover its entire IVR operation. Because Engage Hub has in-house capabilities with both voice and payments, TCC could have their entire operation in one location. This has a dual benefit. First it keeps premises costs down as clients’ advice lines and payment departments could all be under one roof. Second, it improves the customer journey because being passed through the system is seamless with minimum waiting time.

A true business partnership.

The Contact Company is a technical company but its main objective is customer service, building relationships with its clients and being flexible enough to meet demands as they arise. Therefore TCC needed a hands-on partner and in Engage Hub they found one. Engage Hub is in regular contact with TCC and manages many aspects of the IVR system day to day.