About Us

Proven track record

We have over 30 years experience in delivering journey orchestration and cross-channel communications for some of the world’s most successful brands across financial services, energy and utilities, telecoms, retail and logistics sectors.

Our product and services have been recognised by Forrester, a leading market research and advisory firm, in the Journey Orchestration Wave, Real-Time Interaction Management, Cross-Channel Campaign Management and Mobile Engagement Automation independent reports.

Our platform allows clients to create, automate and visualise a single view of key data across disparate systems, without the need to replace your existing infrastructure. With Engage Hub, you can treat your customers as individuals by confidently automating their journeys and engagements – cost-effectively and at scale.

Alongside our product and services, we have dedicated teams that are there to assist you at any point. Our team will work with you to make sure our solutions meet your unique KPIs and needs but also help you improve your customers experience while reducing costs, painpoints and much more.

Innovation at the heart of the business

At Engage Hub we understand the challenges you face – from data silos to legacy systems and everything in-between.

Our platform is powered by Artificial Intelligence and helps you to intuitively and effectively select the right solutions that work for your business – making sure you engage with your customers on the correct channel and at the correct time in their lifecycle.

We pride ourselves on continuously reinvesting in research and development to ensure that we are delivering solutions to meet market demands, while ensuring our clients are optimising customer engagement to enhance their experience.

Our roadmap focuses on key developments in the areas of Automation, Customer Journey Tracker, Journey Orchestration, continuing to complement and grow our communications channels.

Our leadership team

Our commitment to excellence has helped us build a reputation as the leading global provider of data-driven consumer engagement and customer retention solutions. At a time when brand loyalty is at an all-time low, our data orchestration technology delivers the kind of experiences your customers have now come to expect. So, you can always keep them engaged and happy.

Ray Tierney

Chief Executive Officer

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Nicola Pero

Chief Technology Officer

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Clive Hannon

Chief Operating Officer

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Karen Waters

Product & Marketing Director

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Chris Bell

Chief Financial Officer

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Roles we are looking to fill

Java Developer

We are seeking a Java Developer to assist us in developing our core product. The main task will be writing Java web-based software in a Linux environment. Our applications are data-intensive and therefore a very good knowledge of SQL is essential. Knowledge of Objective-C would be a bonus. This role will suit a developer who can concentrate on goals and estimate required effort and time accurately.


Solutions Architect

We are recruiting a highly-motivated Solution Architect to complement our professional services team. This position will suit a project-oriented individual who has a technical background and likes working directly with clients.


Product Manager

The Product Manager is responsible for the development and delivery of new products to meet customers’ needs across multiple markets and verticals and recognising and driving innovation to meet future needs.