Customer expectations and behaviours constantly evolve, meaning tried-and-tested communication tactics can stop cutting through the noise.

Simplify and scale the customer communications with Engage Hub’s suite of channels, enabling organisations to connect and engage with customers on the channel of choice, in real-time and a personalised way.

Rich conversations via WhatsApp

With Engage Hub, it’s easy to integrate WhatsApp into your business communication strategy, giving you a simple way to engage with your customers.

Integrate an AI-powered chatbot, offering automated customer support. And you can send branded rich communications – from service alerts and delivery updates through to marketing offers, secure one-time password and fraud checks, helping reinforce your brand and boost campaign effectiveness.

Key features include:

  • Conversational Messaging for human-like replies and two-way conversations available on device of choice
  • Rich Media for high-res images, videos, documents, location-based offers and other branded communications
  • Cutting-edge security featuring end-to-end encryption, business directory and verified business profiles, instilling trust between brand and user
  • Available across all devices

Boost campaign ROI with RCS

RCS (Rich Communication Messaging) & RBM (RCS Business Messaging) is a two-way messaging channel enabling you to not only provide rich, high-quality campaigns to customers but to nurture relationships and boost campaign ROI.

By using RCS through Engage Hub, you can maximise your campaign results by over 40%, with nearly 90% delivery rate for RBM-enabled handsets.

Key features include:

  • Rich Media for text, rich card & carousel, including images/video & thumbnail
  • Sender verification instills trust between brand and their clients.
  • Suggested Actions for replies, CTAs, calls, location and more
  • Advanced reporting for further optimisation and fallback to SMS/MMS using Intelligent Waterfall
  • Uses default message app, native to Android users

Forrester, a leading global research and advisory firm, has recognised Engage Hub in their latest Cross-Channel Marketing Hubs vendor landscape report. The report provides a selection of vendors for marketers looking to use cross-channel solutions to create personalised and meaningful experiences.

Forrester Now Tech: Cross-Channel Marketing Hubs

Powered by AI

Integrate an Engage Hub’s AI-driven Chatbot to automate customer support and cross-channel communications – from service alerts and delivery updates through to marketing offers and fraud checks, helping reinforce your brand, digitalise first-line support, avoid smishing attempts and boost campaign effectiveness.

Maximise contact using Intelligent Waterfall

Working across all channels – SMS, email, WhatsApp, RCS and more – you can ensure the highest rate of contact on the customers desired channel, based on their preferences and previous interaction.

Our client, TIM Brasil, was able to achieve 70% increase in campaign effectiveness using Intelligent Waterfall.

The service allows you to automatically select the most appropriate communication channel then, it automatically moves through other available channels until a successful contact has been made.

Track, measure and optimise your channels performance

It’s important you build testing and optimisation into your cross-channel communication strategy approach.

Engage Hub’s Customer Journey Tracker gives you a real-time, holistic view of how customers are engaging with different touchpoints and communication channels. You can see which offers on which channels are most effective at nurturing, track KPIs, engagement rates, customer drop offs within campaign journey, read receipts, real-time campaign feedback and use that as a foundation for automating personalised journeys.


Is it a good idea to use WhatsApp for business?

In short, yes. WhatsApp for business is a real-time communication channel. With an open rate of above 90%, WhatsApp is one of the best examples to take advantage of Engage Hub’s NLP-engine for seamless two-way conversations. The channel is also not as transactional as SMS and email, meaning it’s far less costly to the business and often 2/3 times more expensive depending on location.

How secure are the channels?

Unlike Email or SMS/MMS, WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption and verified business profiles. It’s therefore ideal for instilling trust in your customers, as it provides peace of mind that personal details remain secure. Particularly for requirements such as fraud checks, it gives the perfect combination of convenience and protection.

What is a channel strategy CX?

A cross-channel CX strategy allows consumers to engage with the business through their chosen channels while maintaining a seamless transition throughout the interaction. As a result, it improves consumer satisfaction and is the most effective approach for client retention.

How easy is it to get started with WhatsApp set up?

Our professional services team is available to support you with set up in less than 48 hours, using existing templates so that you can build stronger relationships with customers in matter of days.