Journey Orchestration

Customer journeys are rarely linear. They’re not pre-planned either, with people spontaneously choosing touchpoints based on what is convenient for them at any given moment. But with journey orchestration you can stay one step ahead.

With Engage Hub’s journey orchestration solution you can map, visualise, automate and optimise interactions in real-time to meet customers’ unique needs. You can also make evidence-based improvements that drive customer retention, deliver a provable return on investment and improve operational efficiency.

Remove bottlenecks and friction

Our journey orchestration product, Customer Journey Tracker, gives you a bird’s-eye view of every interaction your customer has with your business, from first contact, across every online and offline system. It enables you, for the first time, to see your business from your customers’ perspective. The Tracker gives you a real understanding of how customers engage with your business, while identifying drop offs, eliminating bottlenecks, automating all engagement and reducing friction. That way, you can deliver personalised and successful journeys and have a direct impact on your business goals.

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Customer journey data in a single view

Easily integrate and orchestrate customer journey data from any of your existing systems or platforms into one single view, so there’s no need to rip and replace existing infrastructure. Our customer journey orchestration solution connects data from across customer touchpoints, blending offline or real-time data. This enables you to offer proactive support and engagement. And the more you know about your customers, the better positioned you are to deliver an experience that meets their unique needs and exceeds their expectations.

Automate a personalised customer experience

Powered by the latest AI technologies, Customer Journey Tracker enables you to automate and streamline all journeys across your business. By proactively communicating with customers at the specific stage of their journey or by changing the customer service based on their needs, you can then affect the journeys in real-time. That way, you treat your customers uniquely and provide a truly personalised journey, guaranteeing they have best experience with your brand – but in a scale and cost-effective way.

Journey Automation

Actionable customer journey insights

With this real-time view of how journeys are unfolding, you can make evidence-based decisions about optimising your customer experience, services and campaigns to meet your KPIs. Easily configure Insights dashboard unique to your business so that you are armed with actionable insight to deliver a consistent experience across every step, stage and interaction of customer lifecycle. With all customer journey information centralised in one view, you can monitor the engagement, customer satisfaction and overall success of those journeys – proving the ROI on your digital investments.

“Engage Hub is a good fit for companies looking to stand up journey automation in a very short period of time to improve the experiences customers have with call centre agents or boost engagement in customer lifecycle programs.”

The Forrester Wave (TM):

Journey Orchestration Platforms, Q2 2020

"Engage Hub has helped us drastically improve our end-to-end customer journeys, providing real-time access to customer insight, enabling our customers to self-service when they want and how they want, boosting operational efficiency by freeing the agents to focus on more complex queries."

Head of Customer Journeys

Tier 1 Irish Bank

"With Engage Hub’s help, we’ve significantly reduced call centre operating costs while simultaneously boosting customer satisfaction ratings. The future-proof solution is ensuring that we continue to give our customers the best possible experience."

Head of Call Centre Operations

Health and Beauty Retailer

Identify successes and eliminate bottlenecks.

Let’s look at the features and benefits of our journey orchestration software


As Customer Journey Tracker gives you a holistic view of all interactions, you have a view of valuable data and the ability to deep dive into each customer action point down to individual level for comparing journeys against benchmarks, offering proactive support, pre-empting issues and personalising the experience.


Powered by Engage Hub’s platform, Customer Journey Tracker enables you to automatically trigger re-engagement when a customer drops off the expected journey. The result: improved customer satisfaction, higher engagement and greater revenue opportunities.

Predict future behaviour

It’s crucial to think in terms of the entire customer lifecycle, not just a one-off campaign. With holistic understanding of customer behaviour and actionable insight, you are empowered to prevent negative outcomes and can keep people on the path to conversion.

Journey Orchestration FAQs

What is journey orchestration?

To deliver a personalised and seamless customer experience, you need insight. The more you know about your customers and their behaviour at each touchpoint, the better positioned you are to deliver an experience that meets their unique needs and exceeds their expectations. Journey orchestration allows you to gain a single source of accurate data from all systems, so you can confidently coordinate and automate customer interactions – at scale and in real-time.

Why is journey orchestration important?

Journey orchestration is crucial if you want to get ahead of the curve – and stay there. With journey orchestration, you are positioned to deliver higher customer value and satisfaction
(leading to greater revenue and costs savings), together with streamlined internal processes (leading to greater operational efficiency).