Manage payments while boosting operational efficiency and driving customer engagement with our intelligent collections solutions.

Combining the power of our native automation tool and PCI compliant payment solution, Engage Hub provides easily configurable collection and debt management solutions to help your organisation drive more revenue from your customers in a fully compliant and secure way. 

24/7 IVR payments

If your customers want to make payments at a time that suits them and without speaking to an agent, our flexible solution can be easily configured to enable 24/7 automated IVR payments – while maintaining PCI compliance and improving the experience.

By simply routing callers from your existing IVR system to our payments solution, you can provide your customers with an easier (and quicker) way to pay bills. Our solution pulls live payment details from your systems and processes credit card details in real-time allowing the customers to complete their payment without ever needing any assistance.

Intelligent collections

Customers can pay how they want, when they want – by agent or via digital and IVR payment capabilities. Working across all channels – SMS, voice, email, WhatsApp and more – you ensure the highest rate of engagement on customer’s desired channel, based on their real-time interactions and preferences. You can therefore maximise customer contact by using our latest automation waterfall technology to engage the customer on the most effective channel.

Additionally, customer will receive payment confirmation on their channel of choice. You can also customise journey flows and provide automated answers to common queries, including account details and outstanding balance. As a result, payment processes are more efficient for both, your customers and employees.

Agent guided payments

With Engage Hub’s software, your call centre maintains PCI compliance while recording 100% of all calls. The solution enables agents to guide customers seamlessly through the payment process during a call, in a user-friendly way. It eliminates data silos and centralises customer information, so agents have access to everything they need to deliver exceptional service in a compliant way. After the call, customers can request to receive their latest account information, outstanding balances to be paid and follow up confirmation of payment success via channel of their choice.

Improve customer service while managing margins and simplifying compliance

Let’s look at the features and benefits of Intelligent Collections.


Customers can pay at any time through our voice and digital self-service channels, while ensuring PCI compliance at every stage. The solution also supports other queries such as balance and account information.


Intelligent Collections integrates seamlessly with your core CRM, debt management systems and PSP of choice. Our solution is integrated with BOIPA, Global Payments, Paypoint, Braintree, Stripe and other electronic payment service providers.


Identify your customers preferred channel to improve contact rates and make collections faster. Our waterfall technology makes it easy to set up workflows across SMS, email, WhatsApp or any other channels of choice.


Using Engage Hub’s Customer Journey Tracker, you’ll be able to understand and quantify customer journeys across all digital channels before and during agent calls. That way, you can quickly identify breakpoints in the payment management journey and act on them in real-time.

"Engage Hub has helped us drastically improve our end-to-end customer journeys, providing real-time access to customer insight, enabling our customers to self-service when they want and how they want, boosting operational efficiency by freeing the agents to focus on more complex queries."

Head of Customer Journeys

Tier 1 Irish Bank

"With Engage Hub’s help, we’ve significantly reduced call centre operating costs while simultaneously boosting customer satisfaction ratings. The future-proof solution is ensuring that we continue to give our customers the best possible experience."

Head of Call Centre Operations

Health and Beauty Retailer

"We have learned that we could be using technology a lot more to enhance our customer experience. We're now proactively looking for more solutions to improve the customer journey - exploring more multi-channel approaches - and are continuing to grow with Engage Hub."

Head of Digital Transformation

Top UK Water Company