Making mobile banking safer and easier than ever before.

If you haven’t already, it won’t be long before you hear of KBC Bank Ireland. With more than 40 years’ experience, a highly dedicated team, unique hubs and award-winning products from mortgages, savings and debit cards – it’s set to revolutionise high-street banking as you know it. Why? because it’s leading the way with innovative online and mobile banking services, making mobile banking more secure and easier to use than ever before.

The Challenges

A digitally lead bank

With increased dissemination of technology, and a broadening array of options, consumer adoption of mobile financial services has risen exponentially in the last few years. Most Banks, like KBC Bank Ireland, began their digital journey years ago with the implementation of  a Mobile Banking App to allow users to make transactions and check their balance on the go.
Although KBC Bank Ireland was at the forefront of financial digital innovation, the team felt they could do more to reach out to customers on the move. It launched a new banking App in 2015 which included a Hub Locator and IBAN Scanner to make the customer banking experience even easier than before, but they needed a way to let customers know about these new features. They started looking for an alternative, cost-effective channel that would support the adoption of the mobile App.

Marketing to millennials

KBC Bank of Ireland also recognised the importance to embrace new technologies to attract a younger generation of customers from other banks by choice, giving them all the advantages of a modern and value for money bank.
After all, whilst a baby boomer may prefer to speak to an individual at a branch on the high-street, a millennial is often happy to complete a transaction on his or her smartphone.

"The Engage Hub platform enables us to communicate with our customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle. That might be the moment they use their debit card, any online transaction, or when they download their KBC Mobile App. It’s revolutionised our mobile marketing strategy."

KBC Bank Ireland

The Solution

Customer lifecycle marketing

Thanks to the Engage Hub platform, KBC Bank Ireland is now able to interact with its customers at multiple touchpoints throughout the customer journey. It now uses the Engage Hub solution to automate a whole host of mobile communications, ranging from when an account is opened, secure activation codes to avoid fraud, promotional coupons and all important App updates.

Segmentation and personalisation

KBC Bank Ireland not only avails from real-time customer updates sent from the Engage Hub platform but it’s also used SMS as an integral channel for its latest customer loyalty programs. For instance, KBC Bank Ireland used the platform to segment students based on their preferences and transactions, to send them tailored rewards such us discounts and coupons. The results from the highly personalised campaign were impressive; a 99% open rate, that generated a 30% conversions rate.

Important internal updates

The Engage Hub platform not only gives KBC the capability to reach out to its customers, but it is also used internally to communicate with the Staff. During conferences, for example, staff can text questions to a shortcode and the presenter can see the questions immediately on his or her device, making the conference more interactive.  The platform is also used for outbound SMS to employees to keep them informed regarding business strategies and internal reorganisation.

"In the absence of Engage Hub, we’d be relying on costly, impersonal mail and telephone calls. The Engage Hub platform has been the key to enable us to reach customer’s instantly through a secure channel."

KBC Bank Ireland