Retail & Logistics

Meet rising customer expectations while reducing costs, dealing with multiple customer queries quickly and efficiently whilst improving the customer experience.

Engage Hub effortlessly manages data from any external sources while the platform integrates all channels into a single system. From cross-channel communications and marketing campaigns to last-mile logistics, we enable cost-effective self-service solutions and personalised communications with your customers and partners.

Connect disparate systems with ease

At Engage Hub, we bring all your online, offline and third-party data together under one centralised hub – without the need for you to undergo the pain of a complete IT overhaul. By bringing various data sources together, you can engage customers in more meaningful ways and deliver true personalisation. For instance, you can push offers to customers based on any previous interactions and transactions, tailored to their location and purchasing preferences. As a result, your customers feel like they are being treated as an individual and receive the ultimate customer experience they demand.

90% of customers now use automated, self-service solutions
12% increase in CSAT score
£11k increase in weekly cost savings

Eliminate ‘last-mile’ delivery challenges

With many consumers now shopping online, there is a greater need for last-mile delivery companies to ensure that parcels are delivered quickly and efficiently. Our solution makes it easy for your customers to track and reschedule deliveries on the channel of their choice – all while reducing missed deliveries and the associated costs for your business. With Engage Hub, you can customise your delivery and fulfilment models – while getting real-time, end-to-end visibility of the status of every order. This insight will help you not only achieve differentiation in this competitive market but also will result in fewer failed deliveries and inbound calls to your call centre team.

Digitalise customer service

We know that consumers move between channels as they browse, order and seek help. Using our AI-powered Chatbot, you can turn all your digital and telephony channels into effective self-service solutions. By introducing automation to inbound customer queries such as WISMO, delivery updates and more, you enable your customers to get answers quicker during peak and out of hours times. With access to this 24/7 support, customers are more satisfied, call centre staff are less stressed and you improve CSAT and NPS metric.

Digital self-service

Avoid fragmented experiences

We understand that delivering consistency and personalisation is challenging – but success drives crucial sales revenue. With Engage Hub, you can launch cross-channel marketing campaigns based on triggers like transaction completion, shipment notification, inventory level, geo-location and customer preferences. Using our intuitive engine, you can create and schedule automated campaigns and workflows across any channel, including SMS, push notification, email and messaging apps like WhatsApp, RCS and Facebook Messenger.

Lifecycle Management

Deliver personalised, cross-channel experiences from a single, user-friendly solution

Let’s look at the benefits Engage Hub brings you.


Engage Hub makes it easy to streamline communication between retailers, logistics providers and customers. Data from multiple companies and systems feed into a single platform, so you can offer a more connected customer experience.


From real-time tracking to simple rescheduling, we help you reduce costs and maximise delivery rates. This reduces inbound queries and complaints, eases pressure from redeliveries and frees customers from annoying ‘Sorry we missed you’ notifications.


Engage Hub’s Customer Journey Tracker gives you a holistic view of all interactions, so you have valuable data for comparing journeys against benchmarks, offering proactive support, pre-empting issues and eliminating bottlenecks.

“Engage Hub’s AI-powered Cross-Channel Contact Automation solution has enabled over 30% of customers to self-serve their enquiry, subsequently allowing the agent to focus on more complex queries and vulnerable customers.”

Head of Call Centre

Top UK Retailer

"With Engage Hub’s help, we’ve significantly reduced call centre operating costs while simultaneously boosting customer satisfaction ratings. The future-proof solution is ensuring that we continue to give our customers the best possible experience."

Head of Call Centre Operations

Health and Beauty Retailer

"Engage Hub has helped reduce operational costs while improving customer communication. We have more confidence in the service we offer – and know that we have a solution that will adapt to future needs."

Continuous Improvement Manager

Top UK Logistic Provider

"Engage Hub are helping us transform digitally, reduce costs and boost income. Most importantly, they’ve informed our strategic thinking and improved communications across the board. As a result, we’re now able to focus on our customers and their needs."

Senior Customer Operations Manager

Global Motoring Organisation