Driving innovation and digitalisation in local councils and government can be challenging.

Engage Hub helps local authority organisations embrace the digital council of the future by streamlining revenue collections while better supporting vulnerable residents and constituents.

Automate communications to streamline and increase revenue collections

Whether it’s unpaid council tax, business rates or overpaid benefits, we enable local authority organisations to offer payment reminders to protect vulnerable residents and help avoid bad debt.

Our payment solution is fully PCI-compliant and integrates seamlessly with your core CRM, debt management systems and PSP of choice.

Centralise data to overcome data silos

With Engage Hub, you can add a technology layer that sits on top of legacy systems, centralising access to data. You don’t have to touch the underlying solutions, and there’s no risk or complexity associated with implementation.

Digitalise first-line customer service to support overburdened staff

Engage Hub’s Chatbot enables local governments to deliver human-like conversations for simple, repeatable queries as an alternative to speaking to an agent, freeing up agents to spend more time with at-risk and vulnerable residents.

Gain a holistic view of residents

Use tools like our Customer Journey Tracker to look at user behaviour in real-time. That way, they can see what’s working (and do more of it). More importantly, they can also see where the drop-off points are (so they can pre-empt issues and keep people on track to resolution).

Waterfall Service

We offer a range of solutions that can help councils reconnect with their residents. Use our Waterfall Service to automatically identify residents’ preferred communication channel to improve contact rates and make collections faster.

PCI-compliant Payments

Engage Hub provides a range of solutions for organisations to take credit card payments over the phone from customers, allowing call centres to maintain PCI-compliance and customers to choose between different payment methods.

Crown Commercial Service

We are delighted to continue to be a part of Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud Framework, ensuring higher assurance and better support for government and local authority organisations.