Financial Services

New technologies and increased use of mobile devices are shaking things up in the financial services space. Agile competitors are taking the opportunity to exploit areas of dissatisfaction in the traditional industry.

At Engage Hub, we help you compete by delivering safe, secure and seamless experiences for your customers. Utilising our automated, cross-channel technologies you will remain ahead of the curve – delivering significant cost savings while drastically improving customer satisfaction.

Give customers what they want

We know what customers want when dealing with banks. At Engage Hub, we give you solutions that empower your customers to self-serve – from the point of onboarding to account queries through to arrears payments and issue resolution. Our extensive range of automated self-service solutions, such as Cross-channel Chatbots and Conversational AI, have enabled our banking clients to not only improve their CSAT and NPS scores, but also to deliver significant cost reductions across all departments.

Through simple journey automation of onboarding process, our clients have seen more than half of their call centre calls deflected to self-service channels. Using this simple yet efficient auto-activation solution, our client a Tier 1 Irish Bank reduced the onboarding process from 1 week to 3 minutes – while reaping the benefits of €1.2 million savings per annum.

Get ready for Consumer Duty

The FCA’s new Consumer Duty regulation comes into force in April 2023, so preparation must be high on your agenda. Get in touch today to see how we can help you prepare for the Consumer Duty deadline.


Prevent smishing attacks

Our AI-driven pre-emptive approach to fraud management are easy to implement. Solutions like Message Authenticator lets your customers quickly and easily verify any message they get from you – and protect your customers from smishing attacks.

Capture intent behind contact

Engage Hub’s intent management solutions help you capture and detect the definitive reasons customers get in touch in the first instance. The solution is powered by predictive models, using AI to identify and determine customer real intent – making it easier to understand, analyse and eliminate specific problems within customer journey.

Protect your customers at every point

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements and customer expectation aren’t mutually exclusive. To meet those expectations, we provide a range of digital solutions to keep your customer’s data safe and secure during every single interaction. From multi-factor authentication, one time password to secure message sending, we ensure your customers can seamlessly and securely move through their journey, while protecting them from any security threats.

Using the latest AI advances in image recognition technology, simple journeys like onboarding process, can be automated end-to-end by our identification and verification (ID&V) services. Customer can safely and confidently upload their identification to be verified in real-time without the need for human intervention, streamlining the process and driving engagement.

52% of customers are now self-serving
100% satisfaction from customers in fraud handling
€1.2m savings per annum

Take the pain out of fraud management

As implemented with one of our clients, Engage Hub’s fraud management solution enabled 96% of their customers to self-serve. The solution directly tackles fraudulent activity by creating tailored communications for an individual, based on real-time fraud alert triggers from your third-party systems.

We can do the same for you by delivering a unique cross-channel communication programme via any channel such as SMS, voice or email, with our technology identifying the best touchpoint to prompt a customer response at any given time. By reducing the end-to-end process, in some cases from 45 minutes to less than 5 minutes, your customers are assured a fast, seamless and secure interactive experience.

Automate every lifecycle end-to-end

We build automated lifecycle engagement programmes quickly and easily. Having delivered journeys at every touchpoint in the customer lifecycle, including customer care, mortgage and loans, customer onboarding, we work with you to automate processes that will have a direct impact on the customer experience and your costs. With Customer Journey Tracker you can prove what’s working for your customers and how it’s exceeding your business targets – without losing the personal touch.

We recognise that at different stages of a customer’s journey, there are different issues and different preferred communication methods. It’s therefore challenging to unravel journeys and direct investment intelligently. Customer Journey Tracker also helps you overcome these barriers and make evidence-based improvements in your customer’s journey.

Optimise the customer experience – while boosting operational efficiency

Let’s look at the benefits Engage Hub brings you.


Our clients trust us with their most sensitive customer data. Undergoing annual audits, our platform is also an ISO 27001 accredited environment, PCI and GPDR compliant, giving our clients the confidence that Engage Hub’s solutions are delivered securely. The platform supports multiple levels of encryption – field, at rest, in transit, always ensuring security and compliance at every step.


By proactively monitoring and improving the customer journeys, you’ll see faster return on your digital investments and can confidently invest in your digital transformation roadmap. After all, successful journey automation and optimisation will increase revenue, deepen engagement and reduce costs throughout the customer lifecycle.


We work seamlessly alongside technology that your business is already using or planning to use – such as Microsoft, Temenos, Tsys, IBM, Adobe, Salesforce and more. Our platform integrates and orchestrates data securely for the purpose of meaningful communications and secure interactions for your customers.


Enable your customers to manage payments using Engage Hub’s agent guided or automated 24/7 IVR payments, so that they can easily manage credit card, mortgage, loan payments and arrears – at any time and on channel of their choice.


As a SaaS-based platform, we can host in a way that suits your business. Be it our dedicated or shared cloud option, on premise, or third-party options, all delivering the power of Engage Hub to your business in a safe and secure way.


Our solution enables you to track and record customers’ consent preferences in real-time. Complying with all the GDPR requirements, it allows your customers to have full control over their consent preferences, while self-serving on the channel of their choice or on the call with one of the agents.

"Customers in the banking sector are demanding a personalised experience. To set us apart from the competition, we needed to make our communications quick and efficient. We were immediately impressed by the services Engage Hub's platform could deliver so quickly."

Head of Digital Channels

Large Irish Bank

"Engage Hub has helped us drastically improve our end-to-end customer journeys, providing real-time access to customer insight, enabling our customers to self-service when they want and how they want, boosting operational efficiency by freeing the agents to focus on more complex queries."

Head of Customer Journeys

Tier 1 Irish Bank

"The Engage Hub platform enables us to communicate with our customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle. That might be the moment they use their debit card, any online transaction, or when they download their KBC Mobile App. It’s revolutionised our mobile marketing strategy."

Head of End-to-End Optimisation Programme

KBC Bank Ireland

"The Engage Hub has enabled us to tackle credit card fraud head-on and at the same time revolutionise the way we communicate with our customers. The innovative Engage Hub technologies at the heart of The Hub mean we can use various contextual triggers to use the most appropriate communications channel at any given time to reach that customer and minimise any inconvenience whilst verifying the validity of transactions."

Head of Mobile & Digital Communications

Credit Card & Loans Company