Customer Journey Tracker

No two customer journeys are the same, so you need an efficient way to map, optimise and deliver seamless experiences.

Engage Hub’s Customer Journey Tracker enables you to map, automate, optimise and orchestrate interactions in real-time to meet customers’ unique needs.

Make evidence-based decisions using Customer Journey Tracker

Customer Journey Tracker gives a bird’s-eye view of every interaction a customer has with your business, from first contact, across every online and offline system. It enables you, often for the first time, to understand your business from customers’ perspective.

Journey Orchestration

With journey orchestration, you can analyse and optimise which touchpoints and channels are working and where bottlenecks are – allowing you to rectify them quickly and in real-time.


Data Orchestration & Integrations

Learn how to easily integrate and orchestrate customer data from any of your existing systems or platforms into one single view, so there’s no need to rip and replace existing infrastructure.


Intent Discovery

By streaming internal processes and offering efficient self-service options, you are able to reduce call centre costs, automate first-line support and boost operational efficiencies.


Reduce friction within customer journey

The tracker enables organisations to identify drop offs, eliminate bottlenecks, automate and trigger re-engagement as well as reduce friction within customer journey.

Visualise your business from a customer perspective

Customer journey mapping gives you real-time data about how customers interact with you, which you can then use to make strategic decisions that have a tangible effect on profitability.

This enables you to guide your automation programme and roadmap to drive your digital transformation strategy.

Create single view of data using Customer Journey Tracker

With Customer Journey Tracker, you can easily integrate and orchestrate data from any of existing systems or platforms into one single view, so there’s no need to rip and replace existing infrastructure.

View actionable insights in real-time

With real-time view of how journeys are unfolding, you can make evidence-based decisions about optimising your customer experience, services and campaigns to meet your KPIs – directly within the tracker.