Partners and Integrations

We make integrations a priority, not an afterthought.

Benefit from our off-the-shelf integrations to unlock all the Engage Hub’s capability without the need of bespoke development. With existing integrations and partnerships with the world’s leading CRM, ERP, contact centre, payment providers, we make it easier for you to do new and innovative things in customer service and engagement with us.

Off-the-shelf integrations

Don’t let your existing systems prevent you from digitally transforming your business. At Engage Hub, we enable you to seamlessly sync and configure all data from across existing systems and infrastructures. We have existing pre-built integrations to technology that powers your business already – such as MS Dynamics 365, Adobe, BT, IBM, SAP, Cisco, Avaya, Genesys and more – or plan to introduce. As a strategic partner of Salesforce and Zendesk, we help users benefit from integrated functionality that contributes towards more effective and compelling customer service.

Hassle-free custom integration

Quickly and easily configure bespoke integrations with any of your systems using our one stop shop API suite or the third-parties REST or SOAP APIs – meaning you can start using Engage Hub’s capability without the need to rip and replace or spend time on costly development.

This gives you full access to our data and journey orchestration capability, bringing together a single view of your data to deliver personalised automated journeys that meet your business and customer needs. Orchestrate customer journeys with your existing backend systems, third-party applications and partners.

Established long standing partnerships

Our strategic partnerships enable our partners' clients to expand their current CRM and contact centre systems capabilities as well as make journey automation and cross-channel communications much simpler.

As a strategic partner of Salesforce and Medallia, we enable our clients to bring journey orchestration easily to their world. Our other sales partners include Three Ireland, O2 UK, PayPoint who sell our solutions to their corporate customers. As we continue to expand our partner network, get in touch to see how you can become one.