There are over 750 global regulators and an average of 200 regulatory alerts every day. Managing this manually is increasingly impractical. Without RegTech, it’s all too easy for details to slip through the net.

Simplify compliance and add consistency in a world of ambiguity with Engage Hub’s RegSolv solution

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Mitigate risks and protect stakeholders.

By leveraging advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and automation, RegTech solutions are helping reduce risks and allocate resources more efficiently. These technologies automate mundane tasks, allowing human professionals to focus on more strategic initiatives while ensuring nothing is missed in the ever-changing compliance landscape.

Transform your compliance approach from reactive firefighting to proactive threat prediction and mitigation.

Evidence customer outcomes in real-time

Engage Hub’s Customer Journey Tracker, gives a bird’s-eye view of every interaction, every data feed, from first contact, across online and offline system, third-party and in real-time. It enables our clients, often for the first time, to understand their business from your customers’ perspective break down the natural silos that occur in any organisation.

The cost of not responding to the changes in regulation can have a significant impact on your business not just in terms of potential fines but also the negative impact on your customers if not handled correctly. With Customer Journey Tracker, firms are in strong position to monitor compliance and risk management.

Deliver tangible results using RegSolv

With RegSolv, you reduce the likelihood of human error, which can be costly from both a financial and reputational perspective, especially in regulation-heavy industries.

RegTech solutions are quick to emphasise their cost- and time-saving benefits, and for good reasons. Increased automation reduces time spent by skilled employees on manual tasks, freeing them up to focus on higher-priority, higher-ROI work.

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Horizon Scanning

RegSolv seamlessly integrates with our horizon scanning partners via APIs and in real-time. We cover multiple sectors and jurisdictions depending on the demand of the customer.

RegTech is a formidable ally in the quest for efficient and effective compliance. Overcoming regulatory challenges requires a combination of technological innovation, adaptive solutions and collaboration between RegTech providers and financial firms.

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