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3 Tricks For Creating a Killer Customer Experience This Halloween

By Marcela Mielnicka 30 October 2019

We all love a good scare, especially at this time of year. But your customer experience should be full of treats, not tricks.

This Halloween, leave the bone-chilling frights to Stephen King and make your customer experience a treat to remember – using these 3 tips.

1. Treat your customers like individuals, not zombies

Personalisation has been a customer experience buzzword for years now, but many brands are still missing the mark, defaulting to a one-size-fits-all approach to customer communication.

No matter how niche your offering, your customer base is diverse. They have different likes and dislikes, different communication preferences, and different shopping habits – even if they’re all buying the same thing.

So instead of bombarding your whole customer base with the same promotional emails, use analytics, surveys and market research to segment your lists and target each group individually. (The right technology makes this quick and easy – and can lead to major ROI boosts.)

2. Scrap the scary silos

As businesses, we have more knowledge of and data about our customers than ever before – but it can be scattered round the business.

All too often, organisations work in silos. Marketing comms are treated separately to customer service comms, which are another thing entirely to invoices coming from finance. This means customers never get that sense of integration.

They’re left repeating themselves over and over again in mounting frustration, or find themselves deleting irrelevant emails while missing out on promotions they’d like to know about.

Given that 60% of people expect a seamless, connected customer experience, it’s clear then that scrapping the silos is absolutely critical. (Read more about connecting customer data here.)

3. Don’t be afraid of the new

New technologies seem to spring up every day, claiming to disrupt the market and revolutionise customer experience. Indeed, the pace of change is so rapid these days, it’s easy to feel terrified by it all.

But while the new technology can be intimidating – and while some of it is undoubtedly noise you can ignore – there’s a lot of new tech delivering measurable improvements to revenue, loyalty and operational efficiency.

Whether it’s tracking customer journeys in real-time, eliminating data silos or helping you introduce new channels, don’t be scared of new tools. Because you’re in for a treat, in the form of happier customers, empowered staff and higher profit.

Last year, the average consumer stopped using a brand 3.6 times because of a bad customer experience. Don’t let your brand be one of them.

For more tips on how to craft a killer customer experience and deliver connected customer journeys, download our whitepaper today.

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Marcela is the Marketing Manager for Engage Hub. Holding a degree in Sociology and Media Studies, Marcela is perfectly placed to orchestrate cross-channel marketing activities across the organisation. With a passion for emerging technologies and a critical eye for detail, Marcela is a specialist in social media, email marketing and delivering innovative, creative content to the market.

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