Cross-channel Campaign Management

Execute, automate and optimise lifecycle campaigns and workflows across all your customer inbound and outbound communications for a truly cross-channel customer experience.

Communicate with customers at the right time, on the right channel, in a seamless and personalised way – while reaping the benefits of cost-effective automation.

Move seamlessly across all touchpoints

From SMS and push notifications to email and social platforms, customers move between channels for different queries and at different times. With Engage Hub, you can now meet their unique needs and expectations. That way, you can ensure your campaign and communications delivers maximum impact that boosts satisfaction and higher engagement.

Journey Automation

Deliver meaningful personalisation

Not only can you set up automated lifecycle campaigns across multiple channels, but also in response to any real-time triggers – such as fraud alertsonboarding process, order confirmations and more – at any moment in the customer lifecycle. Driven by customer behaviour and engagement, combined with our native CRM capability, we deliver true personalisation and contextual engagement across each touchpoint.

Optimise campaign effectiveness

What journeys were most successful? What channels are best for re-engaging customers? What messages failed to deliver and why? What type of engagement are increasing CSAT and NPS scores? Engage Hub’s Customer Journey Tracker answers all these questions by visualising every interaction your customer has with your brand. It brings together campaign data from all your channels, including thrid-party systems, so you get an accurate view of campaign effectiveness – and can optimise the right elements to maximise ROI.

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More channels + more personalisation + simpler measurement = Better ROI

Let’s look at the key features and benefits of Cross-Channel Campaign Management.

Trigger campaigns using real-time data

Engage Hub seamlessly integrates with different data sources and systems. You can therefore launch cross-channel campaigns based on triggers like transaction completion, shipment notification, inventory level, geo-location and other customer preferences.

Automate engagement across channels

Using our AI-powered engine, you are able to create and schedule automated campaigns. By using real-time triggers such as customer preferences and campaign engagement analytics, you can determine an action or message sent to a channel of choice based on your KPIs.

Drive the next best action

Next Best Action is our AI module that uses machine learning to determine the best next step in a customer’s journey. As guided by customer behaviour, you can ensure that customers get the most relevant and personalised engagement.

Simplify measurement

Engage Hub seamlessly orchestrates data from different and siloed sources in order to drive the best customer outcome from a campaign or process. We enable you to capture campaign engagement data and feed the data back to your existing systems to further enhance or transform your customer journey.

More than A/B testing

With Engage Hub, you can go beyond simple A/B testing. We empower you with tools to create multivariate testing to compare a higher number of variables and discover more valuable information for more personalised experiences.

"We needed a solution that improved customer communications while giving us the reporting functionality and scalability the business needed. Engage Hub was the only provider that could meet our wide range of requirements."

Continuous Improvement Manager

Top UK Logistic Provider

“Before working with Three Communicate, Engage Hub’s strategic partner, many of our customer communications and data was in silos, with completely manual processes. Thanks to more integrated and automated approach, we have been able to save at least 6 hours a week on our outbound communications and use customer data in a more efficient way to deliver personalised experience to our customers.”

Paul Mulhall Communications and Digital Marketing Manager

Greyhound Recycling

"We have learned that we could be using technology a lot more to enhance our customer experience. We're now proactively looking for more solutions to improve the customer journey - exploring more multi-channel approaches - and are continuing to grow with Engage Hub."

Head of Digital Transformation

Top UK Water Company