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How do I prevent disruptive competitors tempting my customer base away?

New technologies developed by fintechs and the increased use of mobile devices are shaking things up in the financial services space. Agile competitors are taking the opportunity to exploit areas of dissatisfaction in the traditional industry. We help you compete in this new, connected world by integrating with your legacy systems to deliver safe, secure and seamlessly integrated cross-channel communications.

How do I protect my customers from rising security threats?

Cyber-attacks in financial services sector are rising, and hackers are only becoming more targeted in their approach. To protect your company and customers, Engage Hub enables a whole host of security features, with automatic, real-time communications sent via the channel that gets the quickest response from each customer. Your customers stay safe with two-factor authentication, where one-time passwords are sent by push notification or SMS, and with alerts about potentially fraudulent transactions.


MBNA rely on real-time SMS, Voice and Email notifications to tackle fraud

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How do I comply with changing regulations such as GDPR and PSD2?

New regulations mean new responsibilities regarding data protection, privacy and fraud prevention. Engage Hub can help you to centralise, manage and protect your data in line with GDPR and PSD2 requirements.

How do I upgrade legacy systems while maintaining business as usual?

Old IT infrastructure is a barrier to innovation in financial services. Engage Hub has been built to integrate with a whole range of legacy systems – including CRM, ecommerce, web analytics and ERP platforms – without disrupting operations. So, there is no need to upgrade your existing infrastructure.

How do I deliver 24/7 banking?

Your customers want to access their accounts at any time or place. Automated, personalised cross-channel communications mean customers can interact with their bank whenever is most convenient for them. Whether it’s balance notifications, real-time fraud alerts, or automated voice systems, we enable greater levels of personalised self-service, while reducing the need for costly customer call centres.