Fraud Prevention and Management

Protect your business and customers from smishing attacks with our fraud prevention solutions.

Smishing has become one of the biggest challenges for businesses and their customers. It is a subset of phishing where the attack is carried out via social media and SMS rather than email. These are effective channels for criminals because text messages have an incredibly high open rate.

Our solution

Engage Hub’s Message Authenticator enables your customers to quickly and easily verify any message they receive from a brand. If a customer suspects a text message might be fraudulent, they can simply forward the message with a unique keyword to a dedicated, secure short-code and immediately confirm if the message is legitimate or not. The solution then carries out a series of real-time, automated security checks based on the message received and confirms its legitimacy back to the customer. If the message is found to be fraudulent, the customer will be instructed to call the brand immediately. 

Results delivered

Our client, a Leading Irish Bank, has deployed Engage Hub’s pre-emptive approach to fraud management by investing strategically in technology that protects customers. In just 4 weeks, the Message Authenticator is handling hundreds of queries per day – while proactively protecting customers from fraud and driving calls away from the call centre. The solution enables our client to not only keep a step ahead of the cybercriminals but to significantly reduce the operational costs and negative CX impact. 

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