Fight the rising costs in call centres

Rising pressure to reduce costs in contact centres is increasing the need for automation more than ever before

Engage Hub’s contact centre optimisation solutions suite helps organisations deliver automated, self-service solutions to gain real cost benefits and provide meaningful interactions.

We understand the challenge

The question we often hear from our clients is what are the definitive reasons customers get in touch in the first instance and where automation deployments should start.

Engage Hub’s product suite has been created to help you understand where you should begin as a business with automation and how you can deliver self-service solutions that provide valuable customer interactions as well as significant cost savings for your business.

Intent discovery and recommendation

Identify what your customers are contacting you about


conversational ai

Provide automated, intelligent first-line support for your customers


Customer journey Tracker

Understand what’s happening to optimise each of your customers journeys


Contact resolution product set

Amid escalating pressure to reduce costs, contact centres are embracing digital transformation more than ever before. Whether you are in financial services, retail, logistics or telecommunications, your contact centre needs to understand what customers are trying to achieve every time they interact with your business.

Key Benefits

By streamlining internal processes and reducing the number of agents required to handle customer queries, Engage Hub’s contact resolution product set enables organisations to reduce call centre costs and boost operational efficiencies.

With Engage Hub, you are in a strong position to capture customer intent data (including previously unseen journeys) in real-time, allowing us to recommend automation planning solutions based on our learnings.

One of our clients is already reaping savings in excess of £2.5m annually

Discover why capturing customer intent could be the single best decision your contact centre makes.

Start making saving today

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