Get ready for Consumer Duty

The FCA’s new Consumer Duty will transform how financial services serve their customers.

Engage Hub will help you prepare and get compliant ahead of the April 2023 deadline.

Consumer Duty timeline

What is Consumer Duty

The Consumer Duty is part of the FCA’s mission to become a ‘data-led’ regulator. Therefore you and your business need to make sure you have robust systems in place to capture, visualise, report on and analyse customer data – automatically and in real-time.

This means firms must demonstrate that they proactively predict customer behaviour, particularly with on digital channels.

Get ready for Consumer Duty

Consumer Duty is practice

The Consumer Duty is designed to build trust in the financial service industry and achieve positive outcomes for customers and businesses alike. By taking action to implement its guidelines ahead of time you will help your own customers and the economy.

This means:

  • Get ahead on boosting customer outcomes
  • Inform customers to increase consumer confidence
  • Build trust to inspire a range of benefits

Don't wait, start today

We are committed to working closely with industry during the implementation period and beyond to get Consumer Duty right - get in touch to see how we can help you prepare.

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