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10 Reasons Why WhatsApp Should Be Part of Your CX Strategy

By Chris Wallbank 18 April 2024

Among the many communication channels available, WhatsApp stands out as a powerful tool that offers many benefits for businesses aiming to enrich their customer interactions.

This blog explores 10 key reasons why WhatsApp should be integral to your channel strategy.

1. It’s the most popular messaging app

WhatsApp boasts a staggering user base of over 2 billion people in 180 countries worldwide. In many countries – including Kenya, Spain, Brazil and Italy – it’s the primary messaging app, replacing paid SMS and phone calls. In others – such as the USA, Germany and France – it’s growing rapidly.

Leveraging WhatsApp’s extensive user base gives you unparalleled access to a vast audience with minimal barriers.

2. You can reach people any time, any place

With its mobile-centric design, WhatsApp helps businesses connect with audiences regardless of their location, time zone or operating system. This ensures instant reach and engagement, fostering seamless communication.

Indeed, WhatsApp messages get an unbeatable 98% open rate and 45-60% click rate.

3. It offers private and personalised interactions

WhatsApp provides a private and personal space for customer conversations while still connecting with your CRM suite. This allows businesses to deliver one-on-one customer service, enhancing brand loyalty by fostering deeper connections with clients.

4. It’s secure and trusted

All messages on WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted, making them highly secure. Moreover, business accounts must go through a robust authentication process. At a time when customers are increasingly concerned about cybersecurity, businesses that use WhatsApp can therefore establish themselves as trustworthy and security-conscious.

5. It offers versatile content formats

From rich-formatted text to multimedia to interactive lists & replies, WhatsApp supports various formats. This versatility enables you to deliver engaging and visually appealing content, enriching the customer experience.

6. It allows two-way communication

WhatsApp facilitates seamless two-way interactions, enabling customers to initiate conversations, ask questions and provide feedback without even going on your website. This fosters dynamic dialogue, strengthens relationships and puts users in control of their experience.

7. It’s integral to any multi-channel strategy

Through the WhatsApp Business API, you can streamline operations by managing multiple phone numbers (including virtual ones), users and devices under a single business account. This flexibility allows for the scalability of both customer support and marketing teams based on demand. As a result, you have a distinct advantage over live chat platforms, where costs typically escalate with each additional team member who uses the tool.

8. You can automate for efficiency

With WhatsApp, you can automate responses to common queries, service inquiries and order updates. This streamlines operations and ensures prompt, consistent communication, which enhances customer satisfaction.

9. You can deliver targeted marketing and service messages

You can send targeted marketing messages via WhatsApp by leveraging customer data and preferences. Personalised offers, product recommendations and event invitations all drive engagement and conversions.

10. You can optimise your marketing campaigns

WhatsApp’s interactive features – such as polls, surveys and broadcasts – provide invaluable insights for refining marketing campaigns. At the same time, real-time customer feedback, easy segmentation and CRM integration allow you to optimise strategies and maximise ROI.

WhatsApp’s built-in user base, first-rate security and extensive personalisation tools make it a compelling channel for customer service and marketing alike. For businesses that want to up their customer experience, it really is a channel of choice.

For more about how WhatsApp can level up your customer experience, get in touch now.

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Product Manager

As a Product Manager, Chris is responsible for the business management of Engage Hub’s product and its commercial success. With over 5 years of experience working within the customer engagement space, Chris is perfectly placed to help evolve a vision for the product that not only meet customer needs but also drive innovation to fulfill their future demands. Working alongside the Product team, Chris helps to translate business strategy into a product vision, whilst working closely with the Marketing Team to plan and carry out product launches to deliver innovative services for our customers.

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