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In a rapidly changing market, you never know whether a customer will still be yours tomorrow. We help you add value throughout the customer lifecycle, improve service and support vulnerable customers – all while protecting margins, ensuring compliance and boosting operational efficiency.

Use Engage automation and self-service solutions to reduce inbound calls, relieve frustrated customers and improve first contact response rates so your customers stay with you for longer – in a manageable and profitable way.

Maximise collections engagement

At Engage Hub, we give you a cost-effective way of improving your collections process, helping you surmount key challenges affecting profitability. Using our Intelligent Collections solution, you enable your customers to pay when they want and how they want – while maintaining PCI DSS compliance.

Maximise customer contact by using our latest waterfall technology to engage the customer on the most effective channel, both from an engagement and cost perspective. Working across all channels with a call to action to pay instantly – SMS, email, WhatsApp, voice and more – you can ensure highest rate of contact on the customers desired channel, based on their real-time interaction. If no response on any previous communication, a call centre agent can automatically receive a notification to follow up, delivering higher rate of debt recovery.

Support vulnerable customers

Current crisis has left many feeling uncertain and vulnerable. While you might not be able to adjust your tariffs, digital payments and self-service solutions enables you to tailor your customer service based on individual needs. Introducing solutions such as automated 24/7 payments over digital channels and voice, you can manage the situation proactively, so you’re not only improving customer experience for those who want to self-serve, but also free up your agents time to spend with more vulnerable customers.

Our queue prioritisation is another way to ensure that those at-risk customers are put through to an agent quicker, enabling you to keep lines of communication open to support customers in such a situation, rather than lose all contact.

Reduce customer churn

With 18%+ of customers switching providers each year, the pressure is on to reduce churn. With Engage Hub, it’s easy to earn loyalty through efficient service experiences and personalised communication. Higher quality, more efficient customer communications is an easy way to start reducing churn and improving renewal rates.

Using our solutions, you can create frictionless experience across the customer lifecycle. By automating journeys such as monthly meter energy readings, outage notifications and engineer call-outs, bill reminders and renewal processes – you can quickly and effortlessly start affecting customer experience in this competitive space.

Improve the experience for all customers while managing margins

Let’s look at the benefits Engage Hub brings you.

Shift away from paper-based communications

With Engage Hub, you can enhance customers’ ability to self-serve. That way, you offer more environmentally friendly and a cost-effective ways to communicate than sending physical reminder letters.

Simplify PCI DSS and GDPR compliance

Engage Hub’s Intelligent Collections solution makes it easy to comply with regulations, ensuring data security at every stage across agent-based and self-service payment systems.

Drive continuous improvement

Using tools like Customer Journey Tracker, you gain a better understanding of what customers value  and their reasons for switching, so you can maximise renewals.

"We have learned that we could be using technology a lot more to enhance our customer experience. We're now proactively looking for more solutions to improve the customer journey - exploring more multi-channel approaches - and are continuing to grow with Engage Hub."

Head of Digital Transformation

Top UK Water Company

“Thanks to Engage Hub, we enabled our customers to successfully self-serve which resulted in 25% call deflection away from our contact centres.”

Head of Call Centre

Top UK Retailer

"If we didn’t have Engage Hub, we would still be operating an expensive, cumbersome, and frustrating paper-based communication system."

Head of Digital Transformation

Top UK Water Company

“Before working with Three Communicate, Engage Hub’s strategic partner, many of our customer communications and data was in silos, with completely manual processes. Thanks to more integrated and automated approach, we have been able to save at least 6 hours a week on our outbound communications and use customer data in a more efficient way to deliver personalised experience to our customers.”

Paul Mulhall Communications and Digital Marketing Manager

Greyhound Recycling