TIM selects Engage Hub to bring to market their third-party, geo-targeted advertising services to drive new revenue streams.

London, UK, 14th June 2021Engage Hub, the data-driven customer engagement company, today announced that it has been selected by TIM, one of Brazil’s largest telecommunications companies, to help deliver personalised, location-based advertising services to drive new revenue streams as part of their innovation and data monetisation strategy.

TIM is a leading telecommunications and mobile services provider, with a subscriber base of over 50 million customers. The company recognises the importance of each individual subscriber, and how their behavioural traits and browsing habits drive the connection with goods and services that are relevant to them. Founded in 1995, TIM connects businesses to large-scale mobile audiences through sophisticated mobile messaging communications.

With Engage Hub’s LGDP-compliant solutions, TIM has launched its mobile advertising business using real-time geo-fencing data of its subscriber base with customer profiles. By leveraging this unique data and location-based advertising techniques, TIM will run highly-targeted pre- and post-pay acquisition and marketing campaigns, ensuring higher response rates and providing new revenues streams, while seamlessly managing opt-in compliance for all customers.

TIM’s opted-in customers will also have access to exclusive offers and promotions from trusted and progressive brands and partners, selected and approved by the operator. This helps brands deliver a contextually relevant customer engagement strategy, targeting a diverse audience with hyper-personalised SMS and MMS communications through a platform that connects the right brands to the right customers, at the right time.

Mark Sawyer, VP Strategic Solutions at Engage Hub said: “At Engage Hub, we have an extensive and globally recognised experience in enabling Telecommunications providers and mobile network operators to understand the huge potential harnessing subscriber data has in delivering fully personalised, meaningful and targeted communications.”

Mark added, “TIM is embracing new, innovative technology to deliver value added services to its partners and subscribers alike, positioning themselves ahead of the competition.”

Renato Ciuchini, Head of Strategy and Transformation at TIM commented: “We sought new innovative ways to bring contextually relevant advertising to our extensive customer base. We were looking for an industry-leading solution that will enable us to drive new revenue streams as a part of our innovative data monetisation strategy. Engage Hub’s solution easily met the level of sophistication and scale we required.”

Renato continued, “As a result of working with Engage Hub, we have the capability to analyse rich customer information in real-time, enabling us to deliver highly personalised, geo-ad services to our subscribers”.

About TIM Brasil

To evolve together with courage, transforming technology into freedom” is the purpose of TIM, which operates throughout Brazil with telecommunications services, focused on the pillars of innovation, customer experience and agility. The company is recognised for leading important movements in the market since the beginning of its operations in the country and is at the forefront of society’s digital transformation, in line with the signature of the brand: “Imagine possibilities”. Since 2015, it has been a leader in 4G coverage in Brazil, connecting, including the countryside, to enable innovation in agribusiness. It was a pioneer in the activation of 5G networks in the country, with the creation of Living Labs in 2019, and is ready for the next generation of mobile networks.

TIM values diversity and promotes an ever more inclusive culture, with a work environment based on respect. The company is committed with best practices in Environmental, Social and Governance, and that is why it is part of important portfolios in the Brazilian Stock Market, such as S&P/B3 Brazil ESG, Efficient Carbon Index (ICO2) and Business Sustainability Index (ISE), being the Telecom operator for longer consecutive years in this list (13 years). TIM is also part of B3 New Market, acknowledged as the highest level of Corporate Governance, the first Telecom company recognised by the Controller General of the Union (CGU) with the “Pró-ética” seal and the first Telecom company with the certificate ISO 37.001.

For more information, please access: www.tim.com.br