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CX in 2022: 3 Takeaways from’s Roundtable

By Mark Grainger 17 January 2022

At the end of 2021, I sat down with experts from across the industry at’s virtual roundtable to discuss mega-trends in customer experience (CX).

With 2022 plans ramping up, let’s revisit 3 key takeaways that will help you shape an effective CX approach this year.

1. Digital transformation will accelerate – but only once you review your current CX approach

After years of being on prediction lists, we will finally see digital transformation ambitions put into action as brands, spurred on by the drastic shifts brought about by the pandemic, work to beef up their digitalisation.

However, the consensus around the table was that for digital transformation to be a success, you first need to review your existing CX approach. A basic requirement for digital transformation success is truly understanding what is and isn’t working across customer journeys. After all, you can have the fanciest website and slickest app around, but if your underlying approach is hampered by silos, inefficiencies or missed opportunities for value creation, you’ll never realise the full benefits of digital transformation.

Only when you’ve reviewed CX across all business areas will you get a clear idea of what your digital transformation goals should be – and how you can implement them in a way that drives sustainable value.

2. Artificial Intelligence will drive CX improvements

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) has been on the rise for a few years now, and 2022 will see its place cemented in the world of CX. Here at Engage Hub, we’re already seeing many of our clients, particularly in the retail and financial services sectors, using AI to enhance CX in various ways.

From AI-powered Chatbots and Conversational IVR to smart identification and verification processes and Next Best Action, AI makes it easier for customers to achieve their goals quickly, improves operational efficiencies and cuts call centre costs.

3. Centralised data is a must-have, not a nice-to-have

Whatever your CX plans for 2022, centralised data will be key to success. You can only drive CX improvements through digital transformation when you break down data silos and have a holistic view across customer journeys.

Therefore, in 2022, a top priority should be data orchestration. Data orchestration connects data sources, systems and solutions to enable a free flow of complex data around the organisation. In other words, it helps you gather information – in a secure, compliant way – from all over the business, so you get the most accurate customer insight and use it to deliver the most personalised and compelling experiences.

Want more insight on CX trends and how to leverage them in your digital transformation agenda?

We have a few great resources to feed into this:

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