How are CX leaders responding to the customer experience megatrends?

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We recently partnered with, the leading online resource for customer service and customer experience professionals, on a virtual roundtable!

Our CX Specialist Mark Grainger spoke alongside Patricia Sanchez Diaz (PA Consulting), Tabitha Dunn (Ericsson) and Keith Gait (The CX Foundation) on topics such as what lies ahead in terms of digital transformation, how AI could have a major influence in 2022 and much more.

Presented By Mark Grainger, Tabitha Dunn, Patricia Sanchez Diaz, Keith Gait 6 December 2021
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CX management has been characterised by a number of megatrends over the past year. These include:

  • Acceleration of digital transformation plans
  • Rise of digital self-service; the need to better understand changing customer journeys
  • The requirement for joined-up experiences even as contact channels proliferate