Our Company.

It’s our 30-year history and steadfast customer base that shapes the way we do business today.

A little bit about us.

Over the past 30 years, we’ve developed our solutions and services to surpass the ever-growing requirements of our enterprise clients. Throughout our history, one thing has remained the same, our mission to remain the leading global technology provider of mobile, data-driven customer engagement solutions. Take a look at our company timeline for more information and to get to know us a little bit better.


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  • 1982

    Many decades ago, we started to introduce electronic messaging and we’ve been pioneering technical mobile innovation ever since. We invest huge amounts of time and resource into developing our platform and elevating our consultancy expertise, which has placed us firmly on the radar of many customers wanting to not only embrace mobile, but innovate with it.

  • 1990s

    We won business delivering SMS services on behalf of T-mobile, London Stock Exchange and The AA, amongst many others. Looking back at this period in our company history, many people regard it as the exploration phase, where we took the time to truly understand our clients unique business challenges and then went away to develop highly sophisticated technology solutions which gave our customers the competitive advantage they required.

  • 2000s

    The 2000’s witnessed many high profile wins for Brainstorm, the word got out, we were the technology provider to partner with. Perhaps most instrumental was the inception of the partnership with O2 which is still strong today, with our technology integrated in more than 12 divisions. During this bust period, we also launched Spider, a game-changing business rules technology aimed at delivering highly targeted engagement solutions.

  • 2016

    Building on huge commercial success and impressive product diversification, Brainstorm became Engage Hub after a largescale rebrand of the business. Brainstorm was rebranded as Engage Hub to better reflect the wants and needs of our rapidly growing enterprise customer base, current product offerings and rejuvenated company ethos

  • Present Day

    Today, Engage Hub is operating in 15 different languages, our cloud technology is processing over 3.8 billion interactions which are triggering highly personalised, connected experiences across multiple channels to over 556 million customers around the world. Headquartered in London and with offices throughout Europe, Asia and South America we’re better connected than ever before. That’s why some of the world’s most successful enterprises, such as Sainsbury’s, MBNA, Hermes, Singtel and Telefonica, still rely on our technology and dedicated industry consultants to take care of their global communications strategies.

Our values.



Each year we invest millions into research and development. We’re proud to have the infrastructure, technical skills and depth of resource to take new products to market quickly and easily. We remain committed to delivering award-winning customer engagement technologies that no other provider has the capability to develop.



Put simply, we’re passionate about excellence. We take great pride when customers choose to work with us, that’s why our onboarding specialists dedicate time to truly understand your challenges before we implement any of our solutions.

As an enterprise level technology provider, your performance is our reputation, so we make it our mission to excel at every stage.



If we could, we’d let our technology do the talking. But we can’t (not yet anyway), so we purposefully position different types of thinkers from different teams to look at your business challenges.

Why? Because we’ve found that conversation is the catalyst for innovation.

Looking for a new challenge?

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“I love working here, we’re always developing new features to help our customers send more personalised and relevant communications – there’s never a dull moment “

Alice Blair, Marketing Manager

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