One platform, endless possibilities.

Engage Hub is packed full of intuitive tools. From a single platform, you can create, design and build complex cross-channel conversations.

Manage your entire communications programme from one place

 with our innovative logic building technology that triggers intelligent conversations

Our Synapse technology is, without doubt, our defining feature. It has been developed precisely to enable large enterprises to quickly build complex communication programmes, without the need for bespoke programming or costly consulting. Each personalised customer interaction can be activated automatically by a boundless range of triggers. Synapse can automate almost any cross-channel interaction and process an infinite number of complex scenarios to ensure the right message, has been delivered to the right person, at exactly the right time.

Create responsive emails that resonate

with our embedded Email Editor

With Engage Hub, you can easily design HTML email campaigns that capture your customer’s attention. The Editor allows you to edit plain text, HTML and CSS, as well as effortlessly incorporating images, audio and video.  The Editor automatically optimises content across multiple display formats, and can embed trackable links to assist with ROI measurement.

Bring your mobile campaigns to life

with our easy to use Mobile Page Builder

The HTML5 Mobile Page Builder enables you to design, edit and publish mobile responsive landing pages in minutes. Pages can include images, videos and unlimited call-to-action (CTA) buttons, depending on your marketing objectives. You don’t need any programming skills because the drag and drop functionality is so intuitive that the pages practically build themselves.

Engage Hub also provides comprehensive engagement analytics which identifies clicked links, along with the results of A/B testing – aimed to optimise the effectiveness of each campaign.

Touchpoint Tracker.

Monitor and optimise how your active customers interact with your business.

Your customers interact with your brand over a variety of different communication channels, in unstructured sequences that suit them the most depending on their specific query – unfortunately, no two customer journeys are the same.

Touchpoint Tracker enables you to see the sequence in which interactions take place, it helps you visualise current customer journeys and analyse which key touchpoints across different channels are working most effectively. From this holistic view, you are able to optimise your communications programme to boost customer lifetime value, drive operational efficiency and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Effortlessly manage real-time customer data

with our CRM functionality

With our inbuilt CRM tool, you can effortlessly manage all your customer data in one place. Engage Hub enables you to build up a huge amount of insight (500+ fields) for each customer, helping you to profile, target and interact more accurately. It also uses Synapse to apply conditional logic for constantly updating and appending information such as likes/dislikes, birthdays, favourite football teams or updating ‘STOP’ opt outs.

Instant viewing, analysis and categorisation of customer data is made even easier with the advanced cutting tool that segments data quickly and simply using check box functionality.

Capture and respond to customer feedback

with interactive mobile surveys powered by Engage Hub

Create interactive surveys using SMS, mobile landing pages or automated voice calls, so that customers can provide feedback instantly. Responses can be recorded automatically, allowing you to easily view each response and analyse key trends. The A/B testing functionality allows you to assess which design, channel and questions elicit the highest response rate, ensuring that each and every communication is optimised.

Optimise every interaction in real-time

with our innate A/B testing functionality

Engage Hub encompasses a powerful set of optimisation features that automatically send, review and change campaigns while they are live, resulting in improved delivery volumes and even greater levels of engagement such as click throughs and opens. You can use the A/B split testing feature to create a control group that is automatically targeted with different content variations and multiple types of communication channels – SMS, MMS, Email, WAP push, push notifications and voice.

Once a control group is created, this feature automatically observes the type of person that the campaign is the most successful with, according to their attributes (for example, female, 30-45, iphone user etc.) and after the control period, targets the campaign to the most responsive persona in your database.

Send the right message, to the right person at precisely the right time

with our state of the art geo-location targeting

Within Engage Hub, you can easily define a geographic area, such as a supermarket, concert venue or retail outlet, and trigger personalised messages once a customer enters or leaves the defined space. The benefits of location-based messages are countless. For example, you can tailor offers based on local events or stock levels to make sure customers are only receiving information that is relevant to them. With location-based targeting,  you can discover how often a specific customer visits your store and encourage them to return by automating a time sensitive reward via email, SMS or web.

Performance Dashboards

At a glance, monitor campaign execution and glean valuable insights

Engage Hub dashboards provide a real-time view of campaigns performance, including critical information, such as:

  • Comprehensive reporting on multiple touch points
  • Opt-out and bounce reports
  • A/B testing, conversion and ROI tracking
  • Daily, weekly, monthly traffic reports
  • Traffic reports based on specific keywords, MSISDN (mobile number) usage and full network delivery receipting
  • Reporting matching inbound requests with outbound responses
  • Keywords attached to unique numbers