Digital Self-service

Use digital self-service to deflect call centre calls to digital customer service channels and enhance the experience of your customers while easing pressure on your call centre staff

Engage Hub’s digital self-service solution allows customers to get help and resolve their query quickly – while improving overall customer experience and satisfaction. Instead of waiting on hold for an agent to become available, they can receive help instantly and carry on with their day with minimal interruption.

Deflect calls and save costs

Customers are seeking convenient, digital self-service options first and organisations face mounting pressure to reduce costs. From WhatsApp and SMS to voice and Web Chat, all these channels can offer effective and efficient 24/7 help and self-service when implemented using our AI-powered cross-channel Chatbot.

Instead of having customers wait on hold, why not have our Chatbot resolve their issue as they wait in the queue to speak to an agent? If they’re on the go, why not direct them to WhatsApp or Web Chat or other digital channel of their choice? Whether they’re checking order status, managing their account or dealing with fraud alerts, customers expect to achieve their goals quickly and conveniently and at lower cost for your business.

Deliver digital first-line support

Engage Hub’s digital self-service goes beyond cross-channel Chatbots. Our platform offers a range of digital call deflection solutions which are easily configurable with your existing IVR infrastructure (as well as other call centre and back-end systems). Our solution engages the customer as they wait to speak with an agent by providing next available information via an alternative channel of their choice. Information such as store opening hours can be shared via SMS or mortgage application forms can be delivered via WhatsApp with an embedded link to a webpage.

You also can set up any customer identification and verification processes (ID&V) for customer to complete while they wait in the queue. That way, you enable your call centre staff to serve the customer in a much more efficient manner, speeding up resolution times. By deflecting calls and diverting simpler queries away from call centres, you not only alleviate pressure on staff, but save resources and boost customer experience metrics like CSAT and NPS – cost-effectively and at scale.

Offer proactive customer support

The convenience of self-service drives higher satisfaction for customers and a reduction of operational costs for your business. Driven by our AI-powered Chatbot, digital self-service solutions guarantee immediate responses during out-of-hours or peak times. Seamlessly integrated across channels, they can access customer information from previous interactions, enabling you to avoid customer frustration as they don’t have to re-tell their query. Chatbots learn over time, driving continuous improvement to your digital customer service and enhancing the overall experience.

Intuitively anticipate customer needs for an overall better, more profitable customer experience.

Let’s look at the features and benefits of Engage Hub’s digital customer service.

Eliminate bottlenecks to optimise experience

Engage Hub’s digital self-service solution integrates seamlessly with your existing third-party, online and offline channels, including voice, meaning every touchpoint can be an opportunity for self-service. Customer Journey Tracker gives you a visual map of your customers’ interactions and allows you to optimise the experience in real-time. You can then analyse which touchpoints and channels are working most effectively, pre-empt issues and identify opportunities for more automation.

Deliver tailored experience

Driven by our native NLP and latest advancements in AI technologies, Engage Hub’s cross-channel Chatbot enables effective self-service at scale. Acting as an effective ambassador for your brand, speaking in your tone of voice and recognising customer’s queries, enables you to provide immediate and tailored responses – guaranteeing a consistent experience no matter the channel.

Personalise with Next Best Action

Our cutting-edge AI module, Next Best Action, uses machine learning to determine the best next step in a customer journey. Along with predictive analytics, it determines the recommended next step accounting for all touchpoints and experiences – from customer service, operations, sales and marketing. You can therefore move at the speed of customers, meeting ever-evolving demands for personalised, tailored experiences.

Deflect calls to digital channels

We bring together a wide range of customer engagement channels under a single platform – including SMS, voice, email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and RCS. That way, customers can choose their preferred channel prior to calling or while waiting for an agent. As a result, you are reducing operational costs and improving efficiency in your contact centre.

Go beyond FAQs

Not only does digital self-service resolve basic queries, but it has the ability to also handle more complex decision trees. Engage Hub’s digital self-service solution guides your customers through support more effectively than FAQs or troubleshooting documents as they have been built to react to queries in real-time.

Award Winning

“Engage Hub’s AI-powered Cross-Channel Contact Automation solution has enabled over 30% of customers to self-serve their enquiry, subsequently allowing the agent to focus on more complex queries and vulnerable customers.”

Head of Call Centre

Top UK Retailer

"With Engage Hub’s help, we’ve significantly reduced call centre operating costs while simultaneously boosting customer satisfaction ratings. The future-proof solution is ensuring that we continue to give our customers the best possible experience."

Head of Call Centre Operations

Health and Beauty Retailer

"Engage Hub has helped reduce operational costs while improving customer communication. We have more confidence in the service we offer – and know that we have a solution that will adapt to future needs."

Continuous Improvement Manager

Top UK Logistic Provider