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Engage Hub: The Platform.

Many communications channels, just one platform

We want to make your job of delivering seamless customer experiences as easy as possible. Our platform takes all of your communication channels, and real-time data, and integrates them into just one system.


Start the conversation from a central hub

Consistently delivering timely communications based on customer preferences is no mean feat.

With Synapse, you can quickly and simply create, deploy, measure and optimise real-time interactions, from an intuitive drag and drop interface. Powered by artificial intelligence and Natural-Language Processing, Synapse allows you to automate any cross-channel interaction, using technology to communicate with your customers as if it were a human.

So, whether you are looking to improve the experiences your customers have with your call centres, boost engagement in your customer loyalty programmes, or simply make your customers feel like you understand them, Synapse ensures you deliver the right message to the right person.

Can you tell me what's in my account?
What do I have to spend today?
What's the balance of my current account?
Hi Louise, just to be sure, are you looking for the balance of your account?
Hi Louise, I think you're looking for your account balance. Which account would you like me to look at?
Hi Louise, you have £345.67 available to spend today. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Customer Journey Tracker

Analyse behaviour – and make evidence-based improvements

Get deeper customer insight than ever before by evaluating customer journeys in real-time. Customer Journey Tracker gives you a visual representation of interactions at each touchpoint. It brings together data from Engage Hub and third-party systems in a single, user-friendly view, giving you that invaluable holistic understanding.

You can therefore make evidence-based decisions about optimising the customer experience, so you can maximise return on your investment – in terms of both revenue generation and customer satisfaction.

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We've got everything else covered too.

Email editor

Create custom emails that pack a punch, in plain text or HTML with ease by using one centralised platform that stores all creative assets from your mobile pages, adverts and MMS.

Social media retargeting

Engage your customers with highly relevant messages following any interactions they make on Facebook or Instragram by using the super-handy Facebook customer audience API.

NextGen IVR

Our Interactive Voice Response is a next-generation intelligent automatic system that uses natural speech technology to predict caller intent and route calls to the most relevant self-service platform. Learn more.

Mobile page builder

Bring your mobile campaigns to life by using our builder to design, edit and publish mobile responsive landing pages to track engagement levels.

CRM integration

Save yourself some time and energy by allowing the Engage Hub platform to automatically update your CRM data based on every customer interaction, so that your customers only receive the most relevant communications.


Changing regulations can be complicated. Stay compliant with our new GDPR consent management tool when managing cross-channel communications. You simply export customer data once from the centralised hub. Read more about GDPR here.


Security should be a top priority for your company to protect your customers and your reputation. That’s why we only partner with carefully vetted providers, and meet regulatory requirements, so that we can provide a platform that is compliant, secure and always on.