Consent Management System

Maximise communication and marketing opportunities while maintaining data and GDPR compliance – with our Consent Management System.

Engage Hub’s Consent Management solution enables the real-time tracking and recording of your customers consent. Built to comply with GDPR requirements, this solution enables your business to create customer consent collection and management processes across channels.

Join consent data with cross channel marketing

Engage Hub makes it easy for you to manage all your customers information and consent preferences in real-time – while ensuring regulations compliance, like GDPR, are met with the highest standard. But the solution goes one step further. It uses opt-ins to deliver intelligent customer experiences. It’s the missing piece you’ve been looking for, joining consent data with automated, cross channel marketing to maximise communication and campaign effectiveness.

Manage consent preferences in real time

Engage Hub’s Consent Management System makes it simple for customers to update their preferences across SMS, email, voice, web and social. You can easily create branded opt-in landing pages, so the process aligns with your visual identity and tone of voice. And it all links back to the central solution, ensuring consents are updated in real-time across your workflows and campaigns.

Empower your call centre agents

Engage Hub’s consent management solution also empowers agents to capture preferences within their existing workflows. Agents see the current consent preferences in real-time and can verify them on a call. Dashboards are user-friendly, easily integrate with your call centre systems and are tailored to your brand’s channels.

Ensure compliance while boosting communication and campaign effectiveness

Let’s look at the features and benefits of Engage Hub’s Consent Management Solution.

Capture consents in real-time

Capture customer contact preferences in a secure repository, in our environment or your centralised data warehouse, updated in real-time based on agent-driven and self-service consent changes.

Integrate seamlessly

Consent Management integrates with all customer touchpoints and internal systems, including your CRM and ERP. It’s easy to configure with your current infrastructure, so you can deploy quickly without disrupting existing systems.

Maintain audit trails

Consent Management simplifies GDPR processes, including centralising data for compliant record-keeping. You can view data on customer record changes, such when it was updated, who changed it and which details were altered.

Improve customer experience

Go beyond data processing with intelligent capabilities like single message send, customer record management, message history and workflow management.

"We needed a solution that improved customer communications while giving us the reporting functionality and scalability the business needed. Engage Hub was the only provider that could meet our wide range of requirements."

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