Engage Hub in collaboration with a Leading Irish Bank has been shortlisted as a finalist in the FS Dublin Awards 2022

Dublin, Ireland, 18th October 2022Engage Hub, the data-driven journey orchestration company, today announced that it has been shortlisted, as a finalist, in the ‘Customer Experience’ category at FS Dublin Awards 2022.

The award shortlist nomination has been achieved in collaboration with Ireland’s leading bank and is based on Engage Hub’s fraud management and prevention solution, SMS Authenticator.

Engage Hub’s solution has been designed to enable organisations from across a variety of sectors to tackle and prevent smishing cybercrime. Bank has deployed Engage Hub’s preemptive fraud management solution – a strategic investment in technology that protects customers.

The solution enables Bank’s customers to quickly and easily verify any SMS they receive from the bank. If a customer suspects an SMS might be fraudulent, they forward the message with a unique keyword to a dedicated, secure number and the solution will immediately confirm if the message is genuine or not – the solution carries out a series of real-time, automated security checks based on the SMS received and confirms its legitimacy back to the customer. If the message is found to be fraudulent, the customer will be instructed to follow a set of simple steps such as deleting the message and clear instructions not to click on the link or engage further.

Head of Fraud Technology at Leading Irish Bank comments, “We wanted to find a solution that solved two problems – firstly, a solution that enabled customers to feel comfortable about engaging with certain SMSs and alleviating their fear around potentially fraudulent messages. And secondly, a solution that reduced the number of inbound calls that were flooding the Contact Centre, resulting in higher call wait times, customer dissatisfaction and increased costs. Customers, depending on their needs, can still engage with an agent if they prefer. We, along with Engage Hub, are focused on delivering solutions that increase the customer’s options around how they want to be served.”

They add, “Engage Hub’s SMS Authenticator solution enables us to not only keep a step ahead of the cybercriminals but to significantly reduce negative customer experience and operational costs as well as to rebuild customer trust with this simple but effective self-serve option.”

Mark Grainger, VP Sales Europe at Engage Hub said, “We are delighted to see our collaboration be recognised at this year’s FS Dublin Awards. We worked with the Bank to identify the optimum way to support and resolve customer queries in relation to fraudulent SMSs. The objective was to automate the process for customers to validate SMSs received from the bank, providing a 24/7 instant response and removing the need for the customer to contact the bank.”

Mark concludes, “Engage Hub’s out-of-the-box solution that can be deployed speedily and start positively impacting customers’ experience and the pressure on the Contact Centre. SMS Authenticator is key for organisations looking to implement preventative fraud measures that can handle hundreds of queries per day – while proactively protecting customers from fraud and driving calls away from the Contact Centre.”

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About FS Dublin Awards

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