Seamless integrations that power global communications.

Our technology has been built to seamlessly integrate into all sorts of different databases and remote systems, collecting real-time data, such as transactions, shipment notifications, inventory levels, geo-location, customer preferences and much more.  This unparalleled connectivity facilitates contextually relevant, cross-channel conversations proven to improve operational efficiency and customer engagement.

So, what makes our integrations so powerful?



We are directly connected to leading mobile network operators across Europe, Asia and South America. This enables you to send highly personalised communications around the world, safe in the knowledge that our technology will deliver your messages across the most reliable route.



Security is paramount for our customers, so we make it our number one priority. That’s why we only partner with Tier 1, fully ISO accredited solution providers to guarantee a platform that’s scalable, robust, secure and always on. It’s also why we were the first to integrate international roaming for automated card fraud detection.


Easy integration

Our solutions are easy to integrate, available in most major coding languages including ASP, ASP.NET, C#, Delphi, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, VBA, VB.NET. But you don’t need to know that, because our dedicated teams work collaboratively with yours to ensure all standards, methodologies and processes are followed for a seamless delivery.



Our teams of experienced PRINCE2 and AGILE project management experts offer a scalable, end-to-end service. The team supports all global multi-site deployments, major solution upgrades, and new development opportunities – taking care of the technical detail so you can concentrate on your business.

“One of the best things about the Engage Hub integration is that we have significantly increased the efficiency of our outbound call process by automating multi-channel data collection. We can now meet our internal & customer SLAs & continue to deliver world-class customer service.”.

Tim Rooney, Commercial Director, Experian Consumer Information

How does it work?

Engage Hub integrates with the technology that your business is already using. It captures information at source and turns it into actionable insight so you can automate relevant communications in real-time.

Our specialist Professional Services team is there at every stage of the process; from on boarding and system integration to automation strategy, development and service optimisation.

Need to automatically import and export huge amounts of data everyday?

Task Scheduler

Many of our enterprise customers generate huge volumes of data, in a wide variety of formats and at an increasing velocity. Integrating the disparate systems that process this data can be an impossible task. But not with Engage Hub. If your current systems are unable to facilitate the transfer of real-time data, we have the solution. Our Task Scheduler has been developed specifically to manage the import and export of large amounts of data using standard protocols such as transferring CSV files over SFTP.

Imported data, such as warehouse inventory, point-of-sale transactions and shipments, can be easily synced and enriched with unstructured data collected by Engage Hub.

The Task Scheduler function is highly configurable, meaning that setting up the automated transfer of huge amounts of data can be completed without any bespoke development time at all. Say goodbye to costly, cumbersome and painful integration projects.

Additional SMS Gateway APIs

HLR Lookup

Use our Home Location Register API for number validation of your customer base. Check whether a mobile number is valid, which network it currently belongs to and if the phone has been turned on recently. This API helps you cleanse your database, reduce the cost of bulk SMS by only sending to active numbers and validate existing numbers – all within a matter of moments.

Supported features

  • GSM character support
  • Unicode UCS/2 character support
  • Dynamic numeric/alphanumeric sender IDs
  • Message tracking via handset delivery receipts
  • Long message support (SMS content greater than 160 characters)
  • Validity period submission
  • Two-way SMS
  • Full granular reporting for improved Business Intelligence

Email to SMS

Send SMS messages directly from your preferred email client. The Engage Gateway intelligently converts received emails to SMS messages and delivers them to relevant recipients. It’s extremely versatile and includes the ability to send text messages via a web interface. A built in reply feature allows for true two-way text conversations between an email account and a mobile phone.

SMS to Email

Receive inbound SMS messages sent by your customers, directly to your preferred email client. The SMS will then be relayed to the recipient via email almost instantaneously with only the standard charges from your network operator for sending out the SMS.

Want to see Engage Hub in action?