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Frictionless Authentication: Goodbye, Password Frustration

By Mark Grainger 12 December 2023

Yes, passwords are important – but they can also be frustrating. So many to keep track of, so many ‘password strength’ criteria to manage. And that rising irritation of an ‘incorrect password’ error message isn’t the feeling you want your customers to have when logging into your app or website.

So how do you maintain robust authentication protocols while improving customer experience (CX)?

Enter frictionless authentication.

What is frictionless authentication?

Frictionless authentication refers to the seamless and effortless verification of a user’s identity – without explicit user action.

The aim is to balance robust security and a smooth user experience. Unlike traditional methods that often involve multiple steps, frictionless authentication relies on advanced technologies to streamline the process.

How do you implement frictionless authentication?

Here are 5 recommendations for removing password-related frustration without compromising security.

1. Go SSO

Implementing single sign-on (SSO) is a key strategy for reducing friction in the authentication process. It enables users to access multiple apps, websites and services with a single set of credentials, meaning they don’t need to remember and enter different passwords for each service.

This not only simplifies the CX, but it also enhances security by mitigating risks around weak passwords.

2. Unite UX and security teams

Bringing together user experience (UX) and security teams is crucial for successfully implementing frictionless authentication. Collaboration ensures security measures are integrated seamlessly into the user interface, maintaining a balance between user-friendliness and robust security.

3. Consider password-less authentication

The era of passwords is gradually fading as we see the rise of password-less authentication methods. Technologies like biometrics (fingerprint and facial recognition) offer a more secure and convenient way for users to prove their identity.

4. Introduce token-based authentication

Token-based authentication involves the use of unique tokens for user verification. These can be generated through various means, most commonly authenticator apps.
This authentication method adds an extra layer of security and significantly reduces reliance on traditional passwords.

5. Reduce risk with adaptive authentication

Adaptive authentication leverages AI to continuously assess risks associated with a user’s access attempt. It adjusts security measures in real-time by analysing factors such as device information, location and user behaviour.

This ensures a frictionless experience for legitimate users while identifying and challenging suspicious activity.

Go further with AI

Adaptive authentication is just the start of what you can do with AI to reduce friction and bolster security. Other useful AI-powered capabilities include:

  • Dynamic authentication processes – where AI-driven authentication systems continuously evaluate risks associated with each user session. If the system detects unusual behaviour or a potential security threat, it prompts additional authentication steps
  • AI fraud detection and verification – Solutions like Engage Hub’s Message Authenticator let customers quickly and easily check a message to see if it’s genuine or fraudulent. They simply forward the message to a dedicated short code. Then, Message Authenticator uses a series of real-time, automated checks to verify the sender’s identity and notify the customer.

Frictionless authentication is a significant step forward in enhancing security and CX for financial services.

Combining new forms of authentication with AI-powered technologies makes it easier than ever for customers to interact with you – while making it harder than ever for fraudsters.

To learn more, download our read whitepaper on AI-powered fraud management for financial services.

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