Drive loyalty by engaging each customer across their digital journey.

How do I build customer loyalty?

There is a greater variety of competition in the mobile sector than there’s ever been. You need to stand out from the crowd by delivering seamless and personalised customer experiences. With our Synapse technology, you can build engagement and loyalty by deploying contextually relevant communications on the right channel, at just the right moment.

How do I create personalised customer experiences?

We found that a quarter of people who switched network operators were reeled in by a personalised service. Failure to address your customers on a personal level could see them leave you for the competition. With Engage Hub, you can visualise and map each and every individual customer journey across multiple touchpoints, orchestrating highly personalised conversations, based on consumer preferences.

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Three bolsters customer loyalty with innovative new rewards programme

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How do I deal with the rise of IoT devices?

With predictions that there will be 21 billion connected devices by 2020, Telecos are under pressure to develop a converged platform to support the data and communications needs of the Internet of Things. Engage Hub helps you centralise and make use of your data to facilitate this transition by driving contextually relevant, real-time messages and advertising.

How do I grow my customer base?

We found that targeted promotions were a key factor for a quarter of consumers’ decisions to switch teleco providers. It’s time to re-evaluate how you deliver communicate to both new and existing customers. Engage Hub can help. By leveraging your rich data, you can deliver innovative messaging and advertising solutions to help acquire new customers, decrease churn and boost revenue.

How do I generate revenue using location-based data?

Location-based data is invaluable for driving time-sensitive offers and proximity-triggered messages at just the right moment. Engage Hub gives you the location insights you need to target customers with personalised messages and advertising to drive engagement and sales.