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Contact Centre AI without the Pain: Balancing Personalisation and Security

By Rachel Ryan 21 February 2024

Personalisation and security are 2 key ways to cut through in a competitive landscape.

However, those differentiators are often at odds with one another. Personalisation requires you to use swathes of data, but customers are increasingly asking: “How are you using my data?”

Traditional and generative AI solutions make it easier to strike the right balance when it comes to the contact centre customer experience – when you follow these steps.

Store and process data securely

To implement and use AI without compromising data privacy and security, you need the right framework. Companies often do this in partnership with a provider – but make sure you use one that shares your goal of leveraging AI power in a secure and scrupulous way.

Recommended steps

  • Work with providers who have recognised security accreditations and features – like ISO 27001 and ISO 9001, two-factor authentication and brute force attack prevention
  • Implement advanced security features – like robust encryption protocols, field-level masking and firewalls
  • Conduct regular audits – to identify and address potential vulnerabilities
  • Have processes to prevent data leaks – depending on how you implement generative AI, it can be easy for employees to (unknowingly) share confidential data
  • Build in GDPR compliance – with real-time tracking and recording of customers’ consent

Promote awareness and transparency

Transparency is key to building trust – and therefore striking that personalisation/security balance.

Recommended steps

  • Communicate clearly – about how you’re using AI technologies
  • Inform customers – about the types of data AI is using and processing
  • Keep customers up to date – on the security measures you have in place
  • Train agents – on how they should communicate about AI when interacting with customers

Stay customer-centric

AI shouldn’t just be about improving operations – it should also be about benefiting customers. When people understand how providing their data can enhance their experience and bring them value, they’re more willing to part with it. View AI as a dynamic technology that evolves with customer needs, not something static you just deploy and let run.

Recommended steps

  • Monitor customer intent for each interaction – so you’re continually optimising journeys
  • Collect, monitor and analyse feedback – to drive continuous improvement (generative AI can help with this)
  • Take a proactive approach to maintenance and upgrades – to ensure AI-powered tools are making meaningful contributions to contact centre metrics

There’s no arguing that AI can improve contact centre operations and customer experience. But as you collect more data and use it in new and creative ways, you must keep security at the heart of everything.

To learn more about how to bring secure AI to your contact centre, download this whitepaper.

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Rachel has over 11 years’ experience across the telecoms sector, ranging from Corporate Account Management up to her present role today as a Program Manager. She specialises in strategically developing the Engage Hub Channels for client campaigns that ultimately engage the end-user and drive interactive services. Rachel also plays a major role in Product Marketing, ensuring the Engage Hub platform is always at the forefront of the latest technological advancements.

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