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5 Factors in a Seamless Banking Customer Experience (CX)

By Mark Grainger 27 February 2024

Banking isn’t just about handling transactions – it’s about delivering an experience that leaves customers feeling satisfied, valued and understood. As technology and regulations (like Consumer Duty) continue to reshape the landscape, customers’ expectations are evolving too.

Earlier this year, we looked at 2024 customer experience (CX) predictions for financial services. Here, we explore what makes an effective retail banking CX, so you can meet and exceed those expectations.

Why does customer experience matter in banking?

Put simply, CX is the backbone of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Think about it: when you have a positive interaction with a bank, you’re more likely to stick around, recommend it to others and even explore additional services. On the flip side, a poor experience can lead to frustration, dissatisfaction and, ultimately, churn.

In an era of fierce competition among retail banks, CX can be a key differentiator. Banks that prioritise customer centricity are better positioned to thrive. Moreover, with the rise of digital banking and fintech disruptors, traditional banks must step up their CX game to remain competitive.

What makes a good banking customer experience?

To deliver an effective CX, it’s crucial to understand what customers expect. Here are 5 key elements to incorporate into the experience you offer:

1. Convenience

Customers want banking services that fit seamlessly into their lives. This means offering easy-to-use digital platforms, mobile banking apps and self-service options. Whether it’s checking balances, transferring funds or paying bills, convenience is paramount.

And it’s not just about having access to features and support in the moment, on the channel of choice. It’s also about linking up customer data across those touchpoints, so the business has a holistic understanding of each customer’s journey and is delivering a coordinated experience.

2. Speed

In today’s hyperconnected world, nobody likes to wait. Customers expect swift responses to their queries, fast transaction processing times and efficient service delivery. Speed isn’t just a perk; it’s a necessity.

3. Security

With the increasing frequency of cyber threats and sophistication of fraudsters, security is a priority. Banks must invest in robust, real-time cybersecurity measures to safeguard sensitive information and reassure customers of their safety.

Easy-to-deploy yet robust capabilities like SMS message authentication provide a simple way for customers to mitigate fraud risks. And because they leverage AI, they add value without adding operational burden.

4. Personalisation

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all banking. Customers crave experiences personalised to their unique needs and preferences, whether it’s tailored product recommendations, targeted marketing offers or proactive financial advice.

Plus, personalisation has the added benefit of boosting share of wallet, because your marketing conversion rates increased thanks to improved targeting. It’s a win for everyone.

5. Digital innovation

Innovation is the name of the game in retail banking. Customers expect banks to leverage cutting-edge technologies such as AI, machine learning and blockchain to streamline processes, enhance convenience and deliver higher quality services. This is especially true given the shift from high street branches towards digital channels.

Delivering effective CX in banking isn’t just about providing essential financial services; it’s about creating meaningful connections with customers and exceeding their expectations at every touchpoint.

By prioritising convenience, speed, security, personalisation and digital innovation, banks can build lasting relationships with customers and thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape.

To find out how Engage Hub can help your retail bank deliver seamless customer experiences, get in touch now.

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