Engage Hub announces strategic partnership with Salesforce

London, UK, 10th December 2021Engage Hub, the data-driven journey orchestration company, today announced that it is now integrated with CRM software and cloud computing solutions company, Salesforce.

Engage Hub’s AI-powered journey orchestration platform enables Salesforce users to seamlessly sync all data and take full advantage of Engage Hub’s product and solution set. Using Engage Hub’s Customer Journey Tracker, a powerful journey visualisation and orchestration tool, Salesforce users can fully map, track, automate and optimise their sales pipeline through Salesforce integration and importantly, do so in real-time.

Customer Journey Tracker enables sales managers to understand how each sales person is performing and track the success of each lead during the nurturing process. In the Customer Journey Tracker dashboard, sales managers will be able to see how many leads have converted, review and analyse drop offs as well as track all other KPIs they desire.

Furthermore, Customer Journey Tracker allows marketing managers to easily optimise campaign performance, see which channels perform best and track campaign success. Our tool also helps marketing teams to make evidence-based decisions driven by real-time results, all while proofing return on investment and driving better conversion rates.

Karen Waters, Product and Marketing Director at Engage Hub comments on the partnership: “I’m delighted to see Engage Hub be a part of the Salesforce. With our easily configurable product, Salesforce users can quickly respond to journey performance patterns and build new journeys based on real-time behaviour. At Engage Hub, automation possibilities are endless, meaning more time is allocated to delivering outstanding experiences.”

Rachel Ryan, Product Manager at Engage Hub adds: “The goal is to unify the platforms and bring together the power of the Engage Hub’s services with the power of the Salesforce CRM platform.” Rachel concluded, “This partnership is truly limitless as users can not only benefit from our powerful journey visualisation and orchestration tool, but also take full advantage of our customer engagement product and solutions suite as well. With Engage Hub, you are in position to boost productivity, reduce manual inputs and automate redundant tasks to free up resources.”

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We are delighted to feature on Salesforce AppExchange – take a look. Want to find out more on the partnership and how you can benefit from the wide range of services we offer? Get in touch today.