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Forrester Recognises Engage Hub as a Journey Orchestration Leader

By Karen Waters 11 July 2022

The customer experience (CX) landscape has changed dramatically over the last couple of years. New channels have emerged, customer behaviour has evolved, and businesses need to re-evaluate how they meet customer expectations in the post-pandemic landscape.

Amid this backdrop, data-driven experiences are more important than ever. We at Engage Hub are exceptionally proud of how we’ve helped clients leverage data over the past 2 years.

We’re even prouder that this hard work has been recognised by market research giant Forrester.

Engage Hub has been named a top 10 vendor in the journey orchestration platform market

Forrester is renowned for its analyst-driven technology insight. Its new report – Journey Orchestration Platforms, Q2 2022 – is an in-depth look at journey orchestration, exploring its evolution, how businesses use it and the leading players in the market today.

Engage Hub is named in the elite top 10 vendors, and this recognition is testament to the impact our platform and approach have on the industry.

What is journey orchestration?

Forrester defines journey orchestration as: ‘Using real-time data at the individual customer level to analyse current behaviour and predict and adjust future behaviour in the moment.’

The key phrase here is real-time.

Unlike standard customer journey mapping, which relies on historical data and experiences, journey orchestration uses real-time data to show you exactly what’s happening in customer journeys at any given moment.

Why is journey orchestration so valuable?

It’s hard to overstate the benefits of having real-time data from across all touchpoints and channels. When you can see the end-to-end CX and all the data behind it – in one, unified view – you can:

  • Personalise and automate at scale – so you can realise the potential of the customer journeys you’ve mapped, with automation driving operational efficiencies while improving results
  • Optimise journeys in real-time – so you have data on what is and isn’t working, no customer is left behind, and you can maximise opportunities to generate revenue and loyalty
  • Predict future behaviour – so you can head off any issues before they arise and use AI to push the Next Best Action or offer in each customer’s journey

Read Forrester’s full journey orchestration report

You can download Forrester’s full report online. It’s free for Forrester subscribers and available to buy if you’re not.

And if you’d like to know more about how Engage Hub can drive measurable CX improvements through journey orchestration, get in touch on +44 (0) 20 7183 3860 or send us a message.

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Product and Marketing Director

As a Product and Marketing Director at Engage Hub, Karen has held a wide range of roles across Telefonica, Vivo and start-ups, gaining over 10 years of product management and commercial experience across different markets in LATAM, Africa and SEA. In her day to day duties, Karen is responsible for defining product strategy, roadmap creation and maintenance, release scheduling, and partnering across the company. If she’s not halfway across the world meeting with clients to gather product requirements, she’ll more than likely be found hiking a mountain or exploring remote villages.

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