Emergency Management Services

Maximise communication in a crisis – quickly and at scale.

Engage Hub’s Emergency Management Services help you keep information flowing to customers and employees.

Support business continuity

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the importance of real-time communication. Should people come into work? Are stores open? Will deliveries be on time? Engage Hub’s Emergency Management Solution makes it easy to keep customers and employees informed. It gives you a unified way to communicate across SMS, email, push notification, voice and web, so all stakeholders get rapid updates tailored to their circumstances.

When the pandemic first struck, a Tier 1 Irish Bank’s call centre became overwhelmed with a number of calls. They acted quickly and deployed Engage Hub’s Automated Call Handling solution within a day – and due to this swift action, they stabilised their call centre in just 4 days.

Manage high inbound volumes

Emergency Management solution enables customers to get the right support, quickly and without overwhelming your contact centre. Our clients have sent proactive communications and campaigns to millions of customers, pre-empting queries as government restrictions changed. And they have deployed call deflection and self-service solutions to alleviate pressure on agents and help maintain employee morale. After all, companies that can innovate, operate efficiently and support customers in need will thrive; those who don’t will experience higher churn rates.

A single, automated platform for all stakeholders and channels

Let’s look at the features and benefits of Engage Hub’s Emergency Management Solution.

Deploy quickly

Set-up is quick from configuration to first send. You can create mass communication at scale, including defining business logic to automatically reach and interact with people. Deployed automated solutions can be up and running in a matter of hours.

Offer 24/7 support

By keeping people informed, you can pre-empt queries and reduce a crisis’ impact on the business. Digital self-service also resolves queries 24/7 via customers’ preferred channels, freeing agents to focus on complex issues.

Speed up resolution times

Call deflection solutions reduce the number of calls into your contact centre. This speeds up support for vulnerable customers while improving the overall experience for everyone.

"We needed a solution that improved customer communications while giving us the reporting functionality and scalability the business needed. Engage Hub was the only provider that could meet our wide range of requirements."

Continuous Improvement Manager

Top UK Logistic Provider

"Thanks to its creative marketing campaigns and systems integration, Engage Hub has helped us boost existing customer satisfaction levels and acquire new, younger clients."

Head of Digital Channels

Large Irish Bank

"We have learned that we could be using technology a lot more to enhance our customer experience. We're now proactively looking for more solutions to improve the customer journey - exploring more multi-channel approaches - and are continuing to grow with Engage Hub."

Head of Digital Transformation

Top UK Water Company