Customer expectations and behaviours constantly evolve, meaning tried-and-tested communication tactics can stop cutting through the noise.

Use Engage Hub’s Waterfall Service to engage the customer the most effective channel both from an experiential and cost perspective.

Channels we support

Maximise customer contact by using Engage Hub’s Waterfall technology.

Working across all channels – SMS, email, WhatsApp, and more – you can ensure the highest rate of contact on the customers desired channel, based on their preferences and previous interaction.

The service allows you to automatically select the most appropriate communication channel then, it automatically moves through other available channels until a successful contact has been made.

Waterfall in Government

Learn how Waterfall Service helps you streamline debt and revenue collection. You can automatically select the most appropriate communication channel for any given resident.


Waterfall in Telecommunications

Learn how Waterfall Service allows you to create automated marketing and base communication programmes across the entire customer lifecycle – from activation to retention – on all channels.


Track performance and optimise communications

With Customer Journey Tracker, you can automate and configure communications across channels, while eliminating breakpoints in real-time.