Engage Hub enhances customer engagement platform with AI-powered chatbots.

Social media audience retargeting and GDPR consent management features also added to create better cross-channel customer experiences

London UK, 5th March 2018 – Engage Hub, the data-driven customer engagement company, has announced enhancements to proprietary Synapse logic-building technology, built into its customer engagement platform. Businesses are now able to deploy an NLP (Natural Language Processing) driven chatbot that engages customers across multiple messaging channels. Engage Hub 11.5 enables marketers and customer relations teams to manage intelligent, real-time communications from a centralised hub.

Features such as social audience retargeting via Facebook and Instagram, along with GDPR consent management are also included in the latest release of the Engage Hub platform.

With Synapse, users can quickly create, simulate, deploy, measure and optimise real-time interaction strategies, from an intuitive drag and drop interface. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and NLP, Synapse can process huge amounts of data and automate almost any cross-channel interaction to ensure the right message reaches the right person at the right time.

Xavier Legrand, Product Director, Engage Hub commented, “Keeping up with customer preferences and behaviours requires fast decision-making. At scale, that is only achievable using Synapse’s AI powered real-time logic-building capabilities.

“This is the best way to ensure every engagement is human-centric, enabling businesses to build trust and authenticity, inspiring transparent relationships with their customers.”

Leveraging the Facebook and Instagram customer audience APIs, users of Engage Hub’s platform can now retarget customers following a service interaction, using an email address or mobile number. This ensures opportunities for re-engagement are appropriately targeted and relevant to an already engaged audience.

Legrand added, “Engage Hub is constantly evaluating the communication channels that the platform needs to support to best target as wide a range of demographics as possible. With 2.13 billion and 800 million monthly active users respectively, Facebook and Instagram integration strengthens the Engage Hub proposition for brands looking to engage with younger audiences.”

The new GDPR consent management tool simplifies compliance requirements for organisations using Engage Hub to manage these cross-channel customer communications. Users only need to export customer data once from the centralised hub,

Legrand concluded, “Data protection is a core brand value for Engage Hub, with respect for customer privacy at the heart of our proposition. Simplifying GDPR compliance for users of the Engage Hub platform was, therefore, an essential evolution of the product, with the deadline fast approaching.”


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