Engage Hub recognised in Journey Management Platforms report by Independent Research Firm

London, UK, 14th January 2022Engage Hub, the data-driven journey orchestration company, today announced that it has been included in Now Tech: Journey Management Platforms, Q4 2021 report. Forrester, a leading global research and advisory firm, included Engage Hub among the vendors that offer customer journey orchestration as a primary functionality, in a report that helps B2C marketers to understand the value they can expect from a Journey Management Platforms provider and to select one based on size and functionality.

To deliver effective journey management, a company needs to digitalise journey maps at scale and tell customer stories, discover, optimise, and prove the value of journeys and automate, and orchestrate journeys by modifying them in real-time.

Forrester states that many organisations struggle to address customers’ expectations that experiences will be individualised, continuous, emotionally engaging, and controllable. This means that customer experience (CX) professionals must make evaluations based on their organisation’s specific needs to determine whether a vendor can support their goals.

Forrester defines journey management as: “The practices of journey mapping and journey orchestration (which includes analytics) to improve customer experiences and business results across all phases of the customer lifecycle.”

Forrester suggests that companies should purchase journey management platforms to:

  • Digitise journey maps at scale and tell customer stories. CX pros can get more value out of the journey maps they have created by digitising them to enable stakeholders to cocreate and collaborate on journey improvements. This helps drive cross-functional alignment across a portfolio of journey-based improvements through storytelling with journey dashboards.
  • Discover, optimise, and prove the value of journeys. CX pros use journey analytics platforms to join data across channels and touchpoints. This allows them to: 1) depict the journeys that matter; 2) assess current-state journeys; 3) monitor the impact of journey design improvements on future-state journeys and various KPIs; and 4) align business stakeholders on key journeys.
  • Automate and orchestrate journeys by modifying them in real-time. Advanced firms use real-time data at the individual customer level to discover journeys, analyse them, predict future behaviour, and adjust the journey in the moment for increased customer lifetime value, operational efficiency, and business results.

Ray Tierney, CEO at Engage Hub, comments on the inclusion: “I am thrilled to see Engage Hub being recognised in the latest journey management platforms report by an independent research firm, like Forrester. Engage Hub’s journey management solutions have proven time and time again that you can use automation to personalise at scale, leveraging technology like AI to create a joined-up, seamless experience across all touchpoints.”

Ray continued, “At Engage Hub, we understand that customer journeys are not linear. They are not pre-planned either, with customers spontaneously choosing how they engage with a brand or entity, based on what is convenient for them at any given moment. Our tool, Customer Journey Tracker, helps clients to decipher vast quantities of siloed data to enable real-time insight into your customers experience. With Engage Hub, you can analyse all your CX data to draw those vital cause-and-effect conclusions, enabling you to identify problems and gaps – and rectify them immediately.”

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If you would like to find out more about how our journey management solutions will benefit your business and learn why Engage Hub is the vendor of choice for innovative brands such as, Bank of Ireland and TIM Brasil, please get in touch.

To download the report, please visit the Forrester website – please note this report is only available to Forrester subscribers or to those who wish to purchase the report.