GDPR Statement.

We are committed to helping our customers understand and navigate the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It represents the most significant step forward for data regulation since the late 1980s.

The regulations scope covers all organisations who process the personal data of EU citizens, regardless of where the organisation itself is located, and therefore a number of steps must be taken to ensure compliance.

Support & Preparation

Combined the following activities, polices and processes illustrate how we will attain compliance in our duties as a data processor and, where applicable a data controller. This highlights the key areas where we will continue to assist our customers in becoming GDPR compliant too.

  • Hosting of a detailed webinar offering practical tips and advice on how to navigate GDPR. This can be viewed here.
  • External training for key staff members to ensure the requirements for GDPR are fully understood by all teams involved.
  • An assessment and audit of our internal processes which relate to data, to highlight any areas which may need adapting to ensure we are compliant.
  • The creation of a data privacy team to oversee our path to GDPR compliance.
  • An extensive process to allow notification and rectification in the unlikely event of a data breach that’s in line with compliance.
  • A comprehensive review of third party contracts, resulting in a revision of terms to bring them in line with GDPR compliance.


We understand that GDPR will help us ensure that we are providing the highest level of operational excellence in regard to data management.  To guarantee these changes are understood both internally and externally, several policies have been created which highlight the actions we will take for both Subject Access Requests and Data Breaches.


Our platform orchestrates data for companies who are leading the way in customer engagement, and as a result, we have provided our customers with the following key tools to assist in managing this data in line with GDPR:

  • Consent Management
    Consent is a key part of GDPR. We have added a feature to the Engage Hub platform to easily enable our customers to manage consent across all their channels in a consolidated manor.
  • Data Export & Data Deletion
    To easily enable our customers to become GDPR compliant when using the platform, we’ve added a feature that allows the simple export or deletion of all data associated with any individual customer (data subject).

We are committed to maintaining and monitoring compliance with any regulation relating to our data and that of our customers. We will be constantly adapting the process, where necessary, to future proof our processes and more importantly our customers data.