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GDPR: Are You Ready?

By Engage Hub expert 6 February 2018

In just over 3 months, the long-awaited GDPR will finally be here.

  • Are you confident that you’re fully prepared?
  • Do you have a detailed understanding of what GDPR means for your business?
  • Have you implemented the necessary changes?
  • Are you using GDPR as an opportunity to enhance the customer experience?
  • Or do you have concerns that it will negatively impact your business?

If the pressure of the impending 25 May deadline is giving you nightmares (or, at the least, pressure headaches) then sign up to our webinar – GDPR: Are You Ready? – at 12pm on 15 February.

You’ll get practical advice on how to prepare, and insight on how to use GDPR to enhance the customer experience. Plus, you’ll learn how we can support you on your journey to GDPR compliance.

The road to GDPR compliance has been fraught for many organisations

There’s no getting away from the fact that GDPR is a complex beast. Giving citizens greater control over their data – the fundamental aim of the new regulations – requires integration across all departments of your business. Yet there’s still a considerable amount of uncertainty and confusion surrounding what the new rules mean.

Do you know what customer data you hold and why? Are your systems able to manage it? Is everything that shouldn’t be disclosed encrypted? Are you up-to-speed when it comes to consent? Have you got the information you need to answer your customers’ queries on data – or indeed to act if they implement their right to be forgotten?

While organisations are increasingly becoming familiar with these GDPR themes – and the need to prepare for stricter and more complex data regulations – a recent survey highlighted that not many are already compliant. In fact, according to Alert Logic, just 5% of surveyed businesses were ready in October 2017.

What’s more, businesses are being held back by budget restrictions and a lack of in-house expertise. Our recent survey revealed that the majority of organisations believe GDPR will impact their company culture. So, while they’re preparing internally with training courses and hiring new security and data professionals, their approach is proving costly in terms of both time and resource.

Given all this, it’s unsurprising that many organisations feel as though they’re fighting an uphill battle. Yet, as you’ll discover if you register for our webinar, the steps to compliance are full of opportunities to benefit your business and add value to your brand.

GDPR gives you the opportunity to enhance the customer experience

GDPR has definitely had some negative press. However, the changes it requires empower you to build trust and enhance your business’ reputation. In fact, transforming the way you handle data gives you the chance to set yourself apart from the competition.

When you handle your customers’ data efficiently and effectively, you’re demonstrating you take their privacy seriously. What’s more, stricter rules on consent help you be targeted in the way you communicate.

Think about it in terms of the age-old quality-versus-quantity debate. While it’s certainly true that you might be communicating with fewer individuals, you’ll be doing so in the knowledge that those who have opted in are genuinely interested in hearing about your product or service. And that can only be good for your customer engagement and conversion levels.

Say goodbye to GDPR misery and register for the Engage Hub webinar

It’s time to say goodbye to gloom and doom and get positive about GDPR. And what better way to begin your journey to the light side than with our GDPR webinar on 15 February? We’ll outline the steps you need to take to ensure compliance – and avoid hefty fines – come 25 May. We’ll also dispel the misconception that GDPR is bad for business.

Nigel and Marek are co-hosting the webinar, so register now and put an end to any GDPR-related uncertainty.