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Data Orchestration.

How do I remove the pain of managing multiple data sources?

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘digital or die’. Companies that have embraced digital transformation are thriving. But when faced with legacy systems, an array of data silos and IT infrastructure overhauls, it’s easier said than done.

That’s why we make it as simple as possible.

With Engage Hub, our data orchestration capabilities help you get the best value from the data that your business holds today. So there’s no need for dramatic rip-and-replace policies or hard coding, you can simply leave legacy systems that feed data into the business unchanged - dramatically reducing risk, resource and cost.

At Engage Hub, we work seamlessly alongside all the technology that your business is already using, and plan to introduce. We’ve gone through the complexity of solving connectivity data for you. Over the past 30 years, we’ve built and tested a vast variety of connectors, from simple CSV files, structured delimited or fixed length text files, binary or even text/binary combinations, through to Excel spreadsheets with multiple formatting and records to SOAP/XML or JSON etc. We’ve covered it all.

Our platform contains a layer of sophisticated AI that orchestrates data for the sole purpose of customer communications and interactions. Because multiple systems and databases connect into one central platform, Synapse is able to de-couple and duplicate data only acting on the most relevant or suitable events to trigger relevant communications.


Engage Hub now takes care of data orchestration for you, so you can leave legacy systems that feed data into the business unchanged and avoid any coding in the process, all of which dramatically reduces risk and cost.

Raw data events can be de-coupled, deduplicated, combined and merged by Synapse for the sole purpose of customer communications and interactions.


By using Engage Hub’s data orchestration platform to integrate multiple data types, you can automate the process of synchronised data in real-time, allowing you to trigger meaningful and relevant customer communications.

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