The Customer-Centric Organisation.

How customer experience has become a major focus for businesses in 2018.

The way we consume goods has fundamentally changed. Shopping habits have evolved, and so businesses need to deliver a seamless and personalised customer experience in order to improve satisfaction and retain their custom. And those responsible for CX now recognise that only by balancing human and technological assets, businesses can deliver the standard of service required to satisfy the modern consumer.

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In this report, we examine how much importance UK businesses place on the customer experience and what defines best practice today.

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  • Improving customer service now outranks even net profit and revenue growth as a business priority.
  • 87% of businesses are prioritising a move to a “self-serve” system for routine customer enquiries.
  • CX issues are now driven by a “customer resolution” perspective rather than by metrics.
  • 78% of businesses consider employee attitudes as the main vehicle to improve customer engagement.