Mobile Banking: The Vital Role of Cross-Channel Communications in 2017

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Customer experience professionals working in the financial services sector are under increasing pressure to differentiate their digital offerings by delivering scalable, secure and seamless cross-channel experiences to millions of mobile-savvy customers across Europe. But, as this whitepaper reveals, there are three fundamental forces preventing banks from reaching their cross-channel potential.

Today’s customers see banks’ digital offerings as the single most important area for banks to invest

With 80% of customers using digital connections at least once a month.

Digitalisation has resulted in fierce international competition.

A survey revealed that 45% of traditional UK bank customers are considering switching their current account to an alternative financial institution

Serious security risks and more frequent data breaches are becoming the norm.

British financial institutions have been investigated 585 times for data privacy breaches in the past 12 months – that’s a staggering rise of 183% from the previous year.

So, what can you do to stay ahead of digital disruption?

Download this whitepaper for practical advice, drawn from best practice, on how you can use innovative technology to differentiate your digital offering and create a truly competitive advantage. From automated two-factor authentication to cross-channel call centre optimisation, this whitepaper explains all.